So I'm considering a Civic...

Discussion in 'Technical' started by SpunBearings, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. my first car. It's a 2000 Civic SE with 232,000 km. No rust and all numbers are matching. It felt solid when I drove it, and it would definitely pass an e-test.

    I just wanted to know what problems I should look out for in the future. I know that the engines are basically bullet-proof, but as for suspension and other areas I'm not as sure. I just want to get another 120,000 km out of it, or maybe more if possible.

  2. thats a hell of a lot of miles
  3. But the price is right.
  4. The only way ur gonna get that out of it is if you put on a poorly fitting body kit and a giant APC wing.
  5. How much are you tryign to spend on a car?
  6. V8 Stangman will tell you not to buy this car.
  7. No more than 4500.
  8. The very first thing you should verify is the timing belt replace? Also, check on top of the catalytic converter to see if it's cracked. You should see an oxygen sensor on top. If it's cracked, that's a $500 to $700 repair

    There's a recall on the ignition cabling in the sterring column, check if it's been done, if not, it will stall while driving.

    Beside that, thoses Civics are reliable and does'nt cost much to repair. The maintenance that's needed on thoses Civics is at every 50,000kms is replace all sparks plugs, tranny fluid and air filter.

  9. Buy a shittier car.
  10. On top of the catalytic converter?
  11. Thanks man. I appreciate it.
  12. why not get an older one with less kms?
  13. Yeh, that's a shitload for a 6 year old car.
  14. Yeah. It's right in front of the engine. The manifold and the catalytic converter are together. There's 2 oxygen sensor on it. On top and under. It always cracks on top, where the oxygen sensor is screwed in.

    Oh!! Check to make sure that the previous owner did a rustproofing of the under carriage of the Civic. The gaz and brakes lines that are on the left side that goes from the front to the rear of the car rust. If they are rusted, that's an expensive fix, well over $1000.00
  15. That's what I'm saying.
  16. The engine light is on and the guy who is selling it said it's the oxygen sensor, and that he would replace it when he certifies it. And it has been oiled, every other year I think he said. Not sure about the starter recall, but when I take it to Barrie Honda I'll ask if it's been done. All service records show that he was meticulous about keeping it maintained at the same dealership he bought it from.

    The reason why I want this one is because it's in immaculate condition. Almost not rust, all the numbers are matching and it drives very solid. Also, the guy who owned it commuted to Toronto every day, so it's mostly highway miles.

  17. If you have the serial number (VIN) of the Civic, PM it to me. I'll check with Honda Canada to see if the recall was done.

    If it's been well maintained, it's a good buy.
  18. Cool, thanks again.

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