So i'm downloading

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 550Maranello, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. a 10 day trial of world of warcraft, and it is taking forever. It is over 3 gigs. Does anyone else play WOW?

    seriously its gonna take over your life

    you = gone
    if you d/l it
  3. it's for nerds
  4. I'm aware of the risk. My g/f bought it for me for x-mas (she didn't know what she was doing). But I didn't want to open it because I then couldn't return it. So I'm doing the trial.
  5. its not nearly as dangerous as people make it out to be... i havent played it in over a month... and probably wont renew my scrip. (although i did have the game for 2 years, i never once got to lvl 60)
  6. Hell, give it a shot. I play on and off.
  7. thanks lol....i don't play it anymore though. it get's boring after a while.
  8. If the expansion doesn't impress me, I'm going to quit FOREVER.

    EVE > WoW
  9. I got bored after a month and a half.
  10. anyone see the south park episode about World of Warcraft. Hilarious try to find it and d/l it.
  11. I quit playing MMORPGs after the 3rd month on Everquest when I slowly started realizing that the clock in the game was more important than Eastern Standard Time.
  12. I hated everquest, I have no idea why it was so popular.
  13. Back in '99, it was a drug.
  14. I never liked those kind of games and I'm not really a fantasy fan either. I prefer racegames and FPS
  16. i hate fantasy games in general, but this was pretty cool i must say.

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