So I'm off to South-East Asia on Sunday

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  1. I decided to ignore the warnings for Westerners to stay the hell out of Indonesia over the New Year period, if I come back in one piece you all get a cookie.
  2. Bring me back something nice <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. Can you buy me a cheap woman?
  4. I'm going to hold you to this free cookie, sunshine.
  5. woah a cookie, now i hope you make it back
  6. I thought it was stay the hell out of indonesia full stop let alone new year!
  7. have a wicked time, don't get killed/married to a local.
  8. AHahaHaH thats funny rofl etc
  9. Ah shit... earthquake/tidal waves in SE Asia. SupraBloke is in Bali. I don't know much about it yet, on the news now.
  10. HOLY SHIT, I hope he's ok, I saw it on the news and inmediately I thouhgt about this dude... there are lik 11K people dead? did I heard that right? ...
  11. Yeah, shiiit...
  12. I'm not dead, at least.
    I didn't even feel the quake, I'm in Jakarta, see yous.
  13. I told Panda, but his crush on you made him get worried and go loopy.

    Make mine a Choc-chip. kthxbye
  14. im always open to cookie time cookies, especially the apricot and choc ones
  15. only two aussies are known to be dead damn my hopes for supraman are low unless he is that melbourne kid with down syndrome that got swept away but isnt being called dead because there's no body. he could be shark poopey
  16. That kid couldn't even communicate properly, i'd hazzard to say that kid is stuffed.
  17. If he was a downie he's probably out there hunting sharks. Downies can be dangerous little bastards if they're pissed off.
  18. You guys are making light of a horrible tragedy.

  19. Give me a map of Asia.
  20. So worked said in the general forum that he is doing a bit of work getting goods to the devastated areas. Good work old son.
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