So, in 1992

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by CorollaRacer, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Damn you sonsof#%[email protected], it was obviously my place to say "ZR1".

    Oh, and for whoever wanted other comparisons try for the GNX, turbo TA, '92 Formula, Firehawk/GTA.
  2. hahahhaha ZR1 vs R32 GT-R


    Stop teasing them, CorollaRacer.
  3. What's with Corvettes and having mammoth rear tyres?
  4. Actually, I think I'll lay claim to being the one to say ZR-1. However, since I'm not on as much as some of you people, I thank you for defending the faith.
    As for 1989, check out a stock Corvette coupe. It can't be much of a slouch, since it only improved on the car that beat all comers in the first two seasons of Pro Showroom Stock racing.
  5. The question remains: was there an R32 GT-R in the US in 1992?
  6. No one cares anymore, this thread is about the ZR-1 now.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out if the US had anything as good as the R32 in 1992, the ZR-1 is irrelevant.
  8. I thought we just established that the ZR-1 was as good as the R32, so how is it irrelevant?
  9. Congratulations, you've missed the point.
  10. The point being that you're a blind Nissan/Corollaracer fanboy?
  11. Sorry, I forgot jokes/sarcasm/comprehension of such are not allowed on the forums. My bad.
  12. Oh come on, I got the joke, but he really needs to stop making threads just to get the indies members riled up. It's bad enough as it is lately.
  13. It's a way to pass the time.
  14. I guess, maybe I'll just go with the flow then.
  15. Feel free to go into the Asian forum and piss off people there.
  16. Car Comparisons first.
  17. Anyone know why the ZR-1 engine wasn't just standard on the C5?
  18. yeah the Viper, and the Zr1 probably too....
  19. were are they at now? thats right rebuilding!
  20. #$%# 1992, what about 1991, 1990 or 1989?
  21. I'm not sure, but I think someone already mentioned that the ZR-1 came out in 1989, you #$%#ing asshole.

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