So, in 1992

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  1. Because the MSRP of (at least the 91 ZR-1) was 65k dollars. That's a big chunk of change now....never mind almost 15 years ago.

    The ZR-1 was not affordable by any means. Its about the same price as the Lotus Esprit those years...and 50% more than the GTR.....
  2. Dont forget every time the world has a better car GM brings the Corvette!
  3. Was supposed to come out in '89, but due to delays in the manufacturing of the LT5 it didn't come out until 1990
  4. Corvette ZR-1, and what kind cars do they make in Spain? Face it the Corvette is a world class car.
  5. lets see.........well the world has ferrari enzo/carrera GT/mercmac slr/koenigsegg CC/AM DB9/murcielago

    and the corvette is better thna any of these?
  6. Vector W8 Twin Turbo
  7. thats not a production car though is it?
  8. The one you're quoting hates corvettes, and we have callaway and lingenfelter vettes for those cars.
  9. I'm amazed it took this long for someone to mention it.
  10. I mentioned it to you last night.

    I don't even think the ZR-1 was noticably faster than the Skyline.
  11. I'm aware of that, I meant it took a long time for someone (other than you) to mention it (in the thread).
  12. I figured as much.

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