so ive been driving a RR phantom around all day...

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  1. Yea, most do, but Rolls Royce could have done a better job at it. Bentley Arnage for one.

    Spyker pretty much has no plastic bits btw. If a small company like that can do it, I'm sure Rolls Royce can too.
  2. I'm sure Bugatti, Spyker and Pagani are better but I've not had the chance to sit in one.
  3. Indeed. For example, the signal stalks ate made frome machined pieces of solid aluminium. So are the vents and push buttons on the centre console.
  4. Aston Martin DBS
  5. bentely and RR are the same thing to me. basically the british luxury cars are a world apart from anything else when it coems to interiors. i dont understand why other manufactures of high end cars settle on chrome plastic instead of real metal. sure, its probably cheaper to manufacture but thats a stupidass excuse on a $100k+ car.
  6. pagani zonda supersport black sang edition also has nice knobs and thread count on the seat cushions
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    please read this about the interior of the new Mulsanne:

    Compare what they say against your Rolls Royce experience.
  8. I've been in Maybach 62 several years ago (in the back obviously, not driving). I thought it was very comfortable.
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  11. I still prefer the Arnage

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