So Lost is on in like an hour and a half

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. lost is #$%#ing shithouse. seriously, wtf.
  2. if you're up to date with it, it's one of the best shows i've ever seen. if you just watch it here and there, or just don't pay attention all the time, then it's gonna be a little whack. it's one of those
  3. I just got a gnarly craving for ice cream. Lost is starting now, I have the DVR on recording. It is in HD. I'm going to the corner to buy some ice cream. What should I get?

    Oh wait, I am NOT waiting for responses. I might tell you what I ended up buying.
  4. cant' wait

    last week was awesomeness
  5. ok gtg.

    i got ben and jerry's peanut butter cup
  6. nice, got it recording in HD downstairs

    not gonna watch it till tomorrow though, too tired for higher thinking
  7. You're going to shit brix. I gaurantee it.
  8. I'm gonna have to watch it AGAIN tomorrow. I love DVR so much. It was a badass episode.
  9. Sayid is a baller.
  10. I stopped watching when I found out there was a decked out house with unlimited food and ammo and shit under the island. honestly, i cant understand how you can follow something like that when your not on acid.
  11. because you gave up watching. That's how you can't get it. It'd be way harder on acid too, smarty pants
  12. Tonight's episode was like wtf, but also meh. Can we has writers back plox?
  13. they're back dude
  14. You ever watch Carnivale? Twin Peaks?
  15. both. own TP, watched carnivale, one of my favorites
  16. Word. God damn them for canceling Carnivale. Six seasons cut to two with no resolution. It could've been one of the greatest shows of all time. Still one of my favorites as well.
  17. are you insane? the badassness of this episode was off the #$%#ing chart
  18. I know. Sayid was killin' hella #%!@es.
  19. I always hoped the Lost writers had the fundamentals in the bag, but the way they killed Echo and Nicky/Paulo throws away hours and hours of exposition we dont need npow
  20. why would you keep watching a shit show?
  21. lol @ higher thinking.
  22. Keep in mind the author of the post.
  23. You're shit
  24. we have to wait 3 years for the new season..I want torrents asap

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