So much passion will go into Maserati

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    Maserati needs to make major moves if it wants to hit Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne's aggressive sales target. Marchionne wants to see a tenfold increase in Maserati sales, and one of the models that will help him get there is a new sedan, presumably the next-generation Quattroporte. Actually, make that two different sedans, because Marchionne is prepping luxury sleds both small and large.

    What will underpin the four-door Maseratis? Since Sergio has the Chrysler parts bin to play with, he will call upon components from both the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Avenger. Also, he has Fiat powertrain parts at his fingertips, so you can expect to see a completely reworked version of the MultiAir engine. In Maserati guise, it will take advantage of forced induction, and should see power output in the 400-horsepower range.
  2. chrysler passion is the best passion
  3. I just want a rebadged Durango already.
  4. two tings you don't often hear said in a serious statement.

    ten fold increase in sales , chrysler parts ...
  5. i want to die
  6. What does Fiat see in Chrysler?
  7. i hope they never stop making the quattroporte
  8. A maserati caliber??? Sounds like a hit to me
  9. maserati sebring cabrio for chrslyer tc 2.0
  10. lol
    "chrysler parts bin"
    sounds filthy
  11. the american marketplace?
  12. Indeed. Never have I thought I wouldn't want a new Maserati
  13. you dont want any new maserati
    after three years theyre worth like 10% msrp
  14. They already tried this in the 80s, with the Biturbo range, and those cars were absolute junk. Maserati was nearly bankrupt by the 90s. So, I wish them all the best....

    Hey, maybe we can convince ourselves that Chryslers actually use Maserati parts. Who's with me?
  15. With Fiat as a mediator, maybe this can work out.
  16. Wait... WHAT?!
  17. Looking into the Chrysler parts bin must be just awful.
  18. "hmmz lets see, shall we use the crappy part or the shitty part"
  19. hmm looks like someone took apart an old e-class and made it worse.
  20. wait, that's the 300C story
  22. hmm looks like someone took apart a neon and made it worse

    --the pt cruiser story
  23. Great, so am I like Chris Draper now or something?
  24. Can we expect a Maserati modeled after this?
  25. Man I was thrilled when fiat bought chrysler because we would get alfas and cool fiats here but then this shit happens ugh

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