So, my landlord was just having a beer

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  1. We went mt biking. He's driving. On the way back, we stopped at a gas station, he got a beer and I was wondering when he was going to drink it. So we got back to the car, and he poured the beer into his coffee cup and off we went. I had a wtf moment.
  2. We needed to hear about this. Really.
  3. hahah, that's a pretty good idea.
  4. meh, I would have said "you didnt get one for me?"

    Nothing out of the ordinary for me, I once got a bottle of Russian Prince vodka on my first stop of a delivery run, and the driver and I drank vodka sprites all day while delviering tvs and appliances (23 stops that day).

    Its against the law,, but its not unsafe.
  5. bro fist for Lancer fist fisho

  7. heyyyy, why you make fun for?
    I thought you were on my side?
  8. He did it like he planned for it. We stopped at the same gas station before we started the ride. He got himself a cup of coffee then so he just used that same cup with the lid.

    Anyways, at the cashier, he asked if it is a twist cap. The guy said he doesn't know but can open it for him if he wants to. That was another less wtf moment. Never would imagine a clerk offering to open a container of alcohol for a customer, let alone in the middle of the afternoon.
  9. This is a real bro fist. No mocking here friend
  10. Maybe I'm not impressed because my dad poured orange juice and vodka in a red cup and drink it whenever he made long trips, but your story is pretty weak. A beer wont do shit.
  11. Then pound that shit my man!
  12. What a great story you just told.
  13. Vodka? depending on who is drinking, I'd say thats very #$%#ing unsafe. Beer is one thing, vodka is hard liquor.
  14. Out of all the members I would like to meet, you would be at the bottom of the list.

    Complaining all the time, and telling the most numbing stories.
  15. Speaking of Coffee cups, I want celebrities who come on talk shows to stop hiding alcohol in mugs. Just be like yeah, whatever dudes, I'm drinking rum... no big deal.
  16. Man are you serious?

    Coffee cups, landlords. Pretty exciting shIt.
  17. Any Winehouse went on a music-themed panel show over here called Never Mind the Buzzcockz, and had wine in her coffee mug

    but it wasn't reallu hidden, since the presenter asked her if she wanted more wine.

    and she was clearly drunk. it was hilarious
  18. ROFL
  19. You are so awesome its ridiculous.
  20. Who hangs out with their landlord?
  21. unrelated

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