So my old man knocked his wing mirror off

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burner, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Honestly, yes. In 35 years of driving in our beloved Canadian winters, I never needed them.
  2. $1800 for wing mirrors? Why can't you help your dad out by ordering outside Australia? What car?
  3. Because then he wouldn't be able to brag about how much his family has to blow on wing mirrors.
  4. I said I'd order one for him, but he said he needed it now and insurance payed for it anyway. Just a humble E class.
  5. And an even humbler brag
  6. How is that a brag?
  7. you're probably too old to see what's in them anyway....for those of us that want to see what's behind us on a cold winter morning its nice to have them defrost while the car is heating up.
  8. I've got something way better than heated mirrors.
    Every winter morning, I start my car, push a button and a big garage door opens, voila! No problems with my rear view mirrors.
  9. that or an ice scraper.
  10. youre bragging that yuor dads insurance charged him $1800 for a mirror lol
  11. if anything it shows that your dad is dumb or a huge drunk
  12. Don't forget early Testarossas with the 'Flying Wing'.

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