So my parents have no heat

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 550Maranello, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. It's about 5 F outside and 50 F in the house, and it's only going to get colder. If the repair guys don't show up today my parents are screwed.
  2. 5f? 50f? stop talking gibberish.
  3. bring them to your house.
  4. 50F? Just put on a sweater.
  5. are you a mormon?
  7. Kill your parents and burn thier bodies for heat, or put on a sweater and wait for the repairman.
  8. Do they have a fireplace or a woodstove or something?
  9. bodies require more heat to burn than they put off, you fool.
  10. fahrenheit
  11. wuts a fahrenheit? Is that like a gesundheit?
  12. yea, depending on how cold it gets later they'll throw it on.
  13. see, what he needs to do is bring his barbeque inside to heat the house.
  14. shut the #$%# up you #$%#ing canadian.
  15. they're fine then, no emergency
  16. and drink drano, right?
  17. xdran0x
  18. yes i know, a shitty measurement. real people use celcius.
  19. but that would kill you. I fail to see the line you're drawing.
  20. Turn on the oven and leave the door open. Then try to shove your wife into the oven while your kids look on.
  22. They should bone.
  23. I'm sorry your parents are pussies that hate the cold. Put on a sweater and viola! Their warm. That are you can teach them to have sex under a blanket and produce more Brewhahs, at least they will be warm.
  24. pfft. Fahrenheit is where it's at.
  25. *kelvin

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