So my WS6 might be pretty special...

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  1. VIN # is 2G2FV22G422100061

    That means it was the 61st Firebird built in model year 2002 which is of course the last year of production.

    Now, WS6 optioned Trans Am coupes were 17% of total Firebird production... which, if applied to the number 61, would suggest that I have one of the first 10 WS6 coupes built in '02. Then consider a manual transmission, black exterior, and ebony interior...

    I don't think it would necessarily increase its value a whole lot, but if I have the first black WS6 from the last model year of production ever... that would be pretty damn cool. Then again, if production is done in chunks, and 1-60 were V6 Firebirds, and I have the first Trans Am......... I would have quite a cool and nostalgic collector's item on my hands.

    I need to dig a little deeper at this. If any of you have any informtaion that might help me out here, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Also... the exterior color black was only 29.7% of total WS6 coupe production... which would narrow the top 10, down to the top 4.

    This is getting pretty cool. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. Thanks. It's for sale.
  4. Every single picture of a WS6 i have seen, has been black.
  5. ditto.
  6. I saw a yellow one with black stripes parked on the street here, it was super badass.
  7. you are one lucky owner. I love fbodies.
  8. Since every picture you have seen has been black, then obviously that's all there is. And they were all produced before mine too.

    I'm talking about build numbers here, so what's that got to do with anything?
  9. here, i love these cars, i almost owned a black 2000 ws6 6 speed hurst , t tops with around 7000 miles on it but the financing didnt go through, i was just out of school, saw it, and had to try for it, it drew me in and I couldnt help myself.
  10. Production numbers for the 2002 WS6

    2071 manual t-top
    1580 auto t-top
    217 manual convertibles
    330 auto convertibles
    Total 4198

    Collectors? Edition
    839 manual t-tops
    510 automatic t-tops
    549 manual convertibles
    492 automatic convertibles
    Total 2390

    Bright Red
    854 manual t-top
    851 auto t-top
    121 manual convertibles
    219 auto convertibles
    Total 2045

    Pewter Metallic
    959 manual t-top
    632 auto t-top
    71 manual convertibles
    102 auto convertibles
    Total 1764

    Navy Blue Metallic
    742 manual t-top
    582 auto t-top
    75 manual convertibles
    127 auto convertibles
    Total 1526

    Bright Silver Metallic
    607 manual t-top
    497 auto t-top
    55 manual convertibles
    79 auto convertibles
    Total 1238

    Arctic White
    455 manual t-top
    535 auto t-top
    59 manual convertibles
    100 auto convertibles
    Total 1149

    Sunset Orange Metallic
    303 manual t-tops
    220 automatic t-tops
    32 manual convertibles
    41 automatic convertibles
    Total 596

    Total WS6?s 14,906
    Auto Convertibles 1490
    Manual Convertibles 1179
    Auto T-tops 5407
    Manual T-tops 6830

    Total Firebirds made in 2002

    Firebird Coupe 8,432
    Firebird Convertible 1,498
    Formula Coupe 901
    Trans Am Coupe 3,962
    Trans Am Convertible 998
    Trans Am coupe w/Ram Air 12,212*
    Trans Am Convertible w/Ram Air 2,696*
    Total 30,690
    *Includes Collector Edition

    2002 Collector Edition

    Collector Edition coupe w/6 spd 842
    Collector Edition coupe w/4spd auto 509
    Collector Edition Convertible w/6spd 554
    Collector Edition Convertible w/4 spd auto 488
    Total 2,390

    2002 Trans Am

    Trans Am coupe w/6spd 1,591
    Trans Am Coupe w/4 spd auto 2,371
    Trans Am Convertible w/6spd 235
    Trans Am Convertible w/4spd auto 763
    Trans Am coupe w/Ram Air 6spd 6,828
    Trans Am coupe w/Ram Air 4spd auto 5,384
    Trans Am Convertible w/Ram Air 6spd 1,176
    Trans Am Convertible w/Ram Air 4spd auto 1,520
    Total 19,868

    2002 NHRA Package

    Formula w/6spd 62
    Formula w/4spd auto 85
    Trans Am Coupe w/6spd 136
    Trans Am Coupe w/4spd auto 189
    Trans Am Convertible w/6spd 16
    Trans Am Convertible w/4spd auto 46
    Total 534

    2002 Exterior Colors

    Arctic White 2,918
    Pewter Metallic 4,302
    Bright Silver Metallic 3,089
    Navy Blue Metallic 3,290
    Black 7,572
    Maple Red Metallic 867
    Collector Yellow 2,390
    Sunset Orange Metallic 1,208
    Bright Red 5,053

    2002 Convertible top colors

    White 137
    Black 4,455
    Taupe 600

    2002 Options

    T-Top roof 23,648
    Hurst shifter 9,194
    CD Changer 5,934
    Traction Control 16,837
    Monsoon 23,964

    2002 Rare Combo?s

    Trans Am Convertible Maple Red Metallic 9
    Firebird convertible with White top 34
    Trans Am convertible with White top 11
    Formula w/6 spd and 16? chrome wheels 170
    Ram Air convertible w/6 spd and Camel leather interior 14
  11. That's the 35th Anniversary special edition.
  12. ah yes me too. I also saw a red one with weird stripes. they were like black and then in the middle of the stripe it was yellow. looked pretty gangster.
  13. 1999 to 2002 were the best year for Fbodies.
  14. seems like your diggin for a reason not to sell it.
  15. hehehehe... no not really. But I am digging for a reason for higher value <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  16. Ill buy if from you for $3,000. Serious.
  17. what's the NHRA edition?
  18. Some NHRA badges, really.
  19. Yea, the NHRA Edition wasnt anything special. Blackbirds and such are the speed editions, but they are built by tuner companies.

    Gotta love F-bodies anyway.

    2000 Formula here, 6-speed Hurst, Black w/t-tops

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