1. This is a sad pic<!-- Signature -->
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    They are taking better care of that snowmobile that is covered in the upper corner. This is a disgrace. Maybe someone should inform this jackass of what exactly he has sitting on his front lawn. I guess that this bum is either from tennessee, kentucky,or to a milder extent, alabama.
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    Hey if you live in Tenn watch out If they get to rusty the Ku Klux Klan might burn them!!!! Also take care of those cars You just let them sit in the front lawn just like my grandpa did with his Shelby GT500 IT RUSTED TO DEATH!!!! HES A DUMBASS AND SO ARE YOU

    PS:Sad picture If I show this to my girlfriend she would have a heart attack.<!-- Signature -->
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    I have never seen a superbird in real life but I likes them anyways. How could people just let them sit and rot. :(<!-- Signature -->
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    They could have used a pic. of this car which had a better colour than this.
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    Yeah that picture is shit. Supercars makes no effort into the old classic uscle of the USA, that is also sad.
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  8. Oh man. Superbirds and Daytonas are beautiful cars, alot of people just laugh and say they're either "American Muscle Rice" or "Fugly". I personally love em. They're distict, unique and way ahead of their time. There are actual records of them running 5's and 6's at the drag strip and an amazing record of 4.6 for one. STILL STREET LEGAL! They were built for aerodynamics, ironcally you lower the wing, not raise it. Heh. But from those strip times, it seems it doesn't matter much. The hemi Birds and Daytonas sound, look and all around are great. We had a souped up one at my uncle garage. Blower through the hood, every aftermarket part on it, headers, exhaust, everything. The car ran a 6 a week later. He wanted her in for inspection, has it done every month. I asked him about the car and he let me have a ride, when we hit the highway he floored it. The car took off, even with it's heavy weight and pushed me into the seat. Oh and the wing isn't as weak as Joe Dirt's car's wing, if you've seen Joe Dirt. The guy was sitting on his for a good 15 minutes when I was asking him about the car. This is definately a super car that is worthy of a spot on Supercars.net.

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