so stupid it's unreal

Discussion in '2000 Ford Focus FR200 Concept' started by killer69, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car is stupid! Sure it will beat a vette, but it's like 200 grand. I don't care what anybody says, this car is a waste of money. Not to mention it is the damn ugliest thing ever.<!-- Signature -->
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    i would like to see your chevy guys reaction if this thing was a chev. if you don't like it don't look at it, and yes it beat the vette, so what its a great car it shows. and if ford just wants to stick to muscle well they wouldn't be were they are today, want of the most known car company in the world.
    first its the supercharger on the cobra and now its the price whats next the car has bigger tires.
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    ohh and i forgot to add that you just menstioned the import crap, well gm is right now one of the biggest supporters of the small engine drag racers(mostly import dragers). and they also took a few of their own car over.
    hahah, and you guys are making fun of ford. first GM takes away your muscle cars and now they are backing imports. sucks to be you.
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    i bet you dont insult that crap ass cavalier makeover, that was too compete with this and guess what, it doesnt. They were too lazy to put any attention to it even tho as previously said, they support the small engin racing the most. You better get your act staight, most chevy lovers like you are so stupid they go in the ford forums just to insult. You dont see us ford people talking about your straight line hunks of crap where our oppinions arnt wanted, please why cant ford and chevy just have peace.
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    They support it because they finally realize that small displacement drag racers have a lot of potential, and they are now putting the age old adage "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" to use, it's a good idea, they might learn a thing or two.
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    the spoilers are too big man it creates so much drag it will do a whellly
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    we're referring to drag racing, not street racing.
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    who cares about who made the thing? i like it. it follows on from the escort RS cosworth look - excessive, but for a reason. The cosworth was only 300 odd bhp stock, so leave the thing alone. i bet you wouldn't whinge if ford offered to give you one. i know i wouldn't.
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    yes its very stupid! it looks like a #%@# shopping cart handle spoiler thing, hell i dont even know what to call it really, but yea id take a ford for free, just to demolish for fun!
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    yeah but this car would beat your shopping cart in neutral...300 horsepower with nice torque too...shut up
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    its ugly but its got balls

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