so that ka-bar i ordered came

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  1. lol for real.

    i stayed in sheraton in kuala lumpur. only costed me 125 euro's.

  2. Can't tell if srs or trololo
  3. totally! I stayed at a 4 star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City for $20 bucks a night!!!

    seriously, troll post??

    NY is expensive because it can be. If you don't like it, stay the #$%# out.
  4. i agree with pa.

    would love to visit ny, but it's just like any other big city in america. except for maybe san fran.
  5. Manhattan is pretty different from most other cities in the US.
  6. I'm serious.

    For what it costs to fly over to New York combined with the apparently completely ridiculous prices over there I can go to a lot more interesting places for a much longer period.
  7. I don't disagree with that neccesarily. New York has a lot going for it that is strictly only found here.

    Maybe i'll write up a long, detailed post later, but

    a) i spent my long, thought out post allowance telling the sir about tribeca and hotels

    b) generally people with your mind set are very hard to shift, and if you already feel that way, itll be hard to change your mind. ive got no problems with you staying out of new york. one less tourist that i have to encounter.

  8. There's a few 2-3 star places for under $150 on Agoda in mid-May. Just do a search for your dates.
  9. Ny is pretty great
    Ya its expensive
    It is what it is. Some places cost more
  10. Have you used this for anything yet?
  11. Yeah, to open my packages that come in the mail : | and like twice a year when i go camping.

    still fun to have.
  12. Knives are tools, nothing crazy about maintaining your tools.
  13. have you ever to stuff your Ka-Bar into the epiglottis of a trashgot rosbeef for not educating your pigs
  15. Ka-Bars were made for the Marines you goofus
  16. cool butterfly. i try to impress girls with mine by doing tricks with it and then smoothly put it back into my jncos
  17. I think they're fun, and better/safer than lockbacks for actually cutting stuff. I wouldn't go flipping it around outside though, since I live in NYC.
  18. How many times has Ka-Bar left it's sheath and been returned without having been used for anything other than you looking at it?
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