So that new Ford Flex is a failure.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by DownwardSpiral, Aug 6, 2008.

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  2. the odd thing is, a lot of vehicles that are panned by auto journalists end up successful and a lot of vehicles praised by them end up flopping or not selling as highly as they should. Thats American buying public for you. Bringing over european cars is not usually going to work and pricing a vehicle higher because it is a better car also does not usually work here.
  3. I actually like it. It's like a Range Rover-meets-station wagon, and I dig that.
  4. most modern suvs are failures
  5. Yes, and being ugly and fat doesn't really help its case.
  6. Because the Dutch know le crap about cars.
  7. And it will remain like that as long "experts" like the Coronel brothers praise every Kia they get their asses sponsored into. Not that Bavo is amazing or anything.
  8. Yeah, it's just a shame the price is so dear.
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  10. "I didnt even know it came out already" here translates to "how do I ford flex? gotta flex what?" in normal people

    nobody knows about it

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