So the 997 Turbo is quicker than a Ferrari Enzo

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  1. This is the test on which they got that time.

    edit: if you want the test, PM me. piece of shit
  2. you should be banned for this

    A) i doubt 3.2 seconds...
    B) if it really is 3.2, thats incredible for a ROAD because nobody goes faster then 60 realistically from a stop. from a redlight, u will win any redlight drag race with those figures
  3. BS. Fine, the only way to settle this is to be mature about it and invite all the manufactures to bring there fastest cars and test them all at the N-Ring (cause it overrides every other test at every other track as we all know... sorry coughing up bullshit right now). Porsche can bring as many LeMans cars as they have, and after they are done testing there endless sea of lemans entrants after a few days others will get there turns as well. Ferrari can bring the Enzo but no matter how far it falls short of the 911.....coughing more BS up right now..... at the end of it all you will still feel defeated, because Ferrari's F2004 will kick the shit out of everything Porsche has ever made, period. Please let this knowledge sink in now,......., now get pissed off,......., and try to argue cause you know its true.
    Sorry it had to come to this stupidity but for @#$Ks sake.
  4. lol dude, wtf are you talking about? Whatever crack you're smoking I want some too! Isn't the F2004 formula? Forumlas don't run on the Nurb because they would break apart into little pieces... it's too rough for them.

    That turbo is freaking fast. I WANT one!
  5. omg, just what we need, another teeny bopper clone who thinks he's cool. We were starting to run out on this site, good to know there are always more <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. THe Z06 is good but lets not get too excited.
  7. Poor Carrera GT.
  8. Carrera GT - 7:28
    997 GT3 ---- 7:39
    997 Turbo -- 7:40

    Poor CGT? *shrugs*
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    Although this is the part the F1 cars race on its at least in decent shape.
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    That small section is not where we are getting these times from. The rest of the ring is too rough for the F1. So, what you said does not stand... the F1 will not be able to get better times on the same track the 997TT is running on :/
  11. 3.2? Someone just got Ferrari F430wned.
  12. 4 Wd makes the difference. Its pretty simple though 3,2 sounds a bit optimistic.
  13. are you stupid
  14. Rips the M3 a new bootyhole <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. You're an idiot.
  16. the zo6 is a plastic chevy
  17. with a shit interior
  18. 4WD isn't the only thing the 997 has on every other car out there. everyone seems to be forgetting Porsches new VTT (Variable Turbine Technology) that changes the pitch of the vanes in the turbo to increase power.
  19. to all you guys who say the motor trend times for the new 911 turbo are bullshit.

    1. motor trend has posted the fast times for the Ford GT, Carrera GT, Enzo, lambo etc... why does this one sound like bs

    2. the new turbo makes its peak torque at about 2000 rpms, they reved the engine first to build up boost then launched, and i think they hit the overboost button.

    3. the transmission is an advance automatic which is quicker than a manual transmission.(remeber the lingenfelter corvette?)

    4. the turbo is all wheel drive

    all of these things add up to the impressive tiems.
  20. Pinin, you are awesome. You totally owned Binjamin. Corvettes are a disgrace to all sports cars. Corvettes are GAYYYYYYY.
  21. 1. MotorTrend is a useless, overly optimistic car magazine

    2. I love Porsche and the new 911 Turbo, but I have to admit 3.2 for the car sounds too optimistic.

    3. In dry conditions, AWD only has a marginal benefit with respect to its performance in wet conditions.

    4. The Corvette is a fine car, but I hate it's fanboys.
  22. what are you talking about?

    1. so?

    2. something like turbo boost in night rider huh?

    3. it depends on who is driving. and yeah.. call me an autoracist but lingenfelter corvettes and viper venoms should be on the same threads as with hmmm, durangos and those other american cars like the saturn.. hey nice thread saturn vs corvette!

    4. the murcielago is all wheel drive and look at what the zonda did to it in top gear.

    they add up to WHAT?!?!

  23. Pat, the 997T has variable turbine geometry which means it has an insanely flat, fat torque curve, it also has an overboost function that gives you an extra 80 NM of torque.
  24. still quite optimistic time. id believe 3.5 because AWD with that much power makes a HUGE difference [whoever said it doesnt can suck me, then question how the 300million ton veyron did it in 2.5 when cars like the CCR which are much lighter can only muster 3.2, the veyron is 60% heavier then a ccr, its not ALL power]

  25. maybe its a ultra secret nazi experiment that they just released now. (the bugatti is italian which is an axis faction... its hitler i tell you!)

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