So the 997 Turbo is quicker than a Ferrari Enzo

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Porsche996Turbo, May 24, 2006.

  1. bugatti is hardly italian anymore, its now german too
  2. oops.. bugatti was french.. but wth... its a nazi thing
  3. stop posting
  4. its actually mostly carbon fibre and aluminum
  5. Doesn't MT test to 60mph instead of 100kph like everyone else? Wasn't that what was up with that 3.14 run the Enzo did?
  6. Gah, I HATE 0-60! It is so useless. That time only really shows one thing, how good of traction you get when you dump the clutch! When will people learn, that if you want real performance stats, you look at ROLLING acceleration times, IE the 5-60 and the 60-100. That is where the real numbers are.
  7. I totally agree.
  8. 1. motor trend seems to be able to get the most out of the cars it test

    2. no, this is acually usefull, having full boost before you launch is a huge advantage

    3. yeah it depends on who is driving, but with a automatic transmission its easier to get a better/more consistent launch

    4. that comparsion is irrelavent, the veryron is all wheel drive and it will destory the zonda in acceleration. my point about the turbo being all wheel drive is that all wheel drive cars generally post quicker 0-60 times.

    these factors are some of the factors that help the 977 turbo achieve such high acceleration.
  9. You're clearly retarded, this isn't about racecars. And why are you comparing different classes of racecars? Yes Ferrari's F2004 is probably faster than any Porsche ever made but Porsche never made any Formula one cars (except for some engines).
  10. Also wasn't it the same magazine that tested the automatic 997TT that did 0-100km/h in 3,4 seconds? Weird...because I've read that the automatic 997TT changes gears much faster and actually is faster, according to what Porsche claims.
  11. Denigration-thread.... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
    1. 3.2s is funny
    2. Why not "997TT beats CGT (or slr, or Zonda...)"?
  12. Sorry I forgot...
    What means "quicker"?
    0-60 mph = quick?
    and 0-100mph? 1/4 mile? 1 Km? Top speed?
    Enzo 355 Kph
    997 310 Kph
    From zero to... a top model on the right seat!??!?!
    next time write something like this "997TT destroies Enzo at gas station, from 1/4 to 4/4 tank fuel!!"
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    hehe , so you`re a porsche addict huh ?

    porsche never made F1 cars beside some engines ? so you say ......
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    I know there were in the 60's but I dont see those as real F1 cars, well they are but not like they are now and the last 30 years
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  16. who made this post is a n00b
  17. irony at its best
  18. Enzo has done 3.0, according to R&T..not that it matters
  19. Ha!
  20. The "automatic" as in DSG?
  21. Precisely. It's not like you take off from a standing start more than once in an entire race..... Yes, maybe if you were driving to the local supermarket around the corner, but that just means you get to the next red light quicker than the guy next to you.

    Im rambling.
  22. It's faster untill 310 km/h. After that Enzo takes off.
  23. MT has always been BS
  24. No, automatic as in torque converter and planetary gears.
  25. I have come to the conclusion that Flat6 is an idiot.

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