So the C6 gets the 6.0 LS2, what will the Z06 get?

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  1. Will they still use the LS2? I haven't found any good sources.
  2. Its called the LS7. The last Z06 motor had an LS6. This LS7 will be hand made in the new performance engine plant in Wixom Mich.
  3. The new Vette may be called the Z07, and...the engine is supposed to be called the LS7, the new engine out of Wixom should be a 427 cubic inch. The reason they would have had to do that is to get the torque numbers to get the car closer to the viper.

    from what I know so far it will be a 16 valve (not 3 valve per cyl) and be around 500 horsepower with around 480 lb/ft of torque.

    it should look like this below.

    Also to be produced in the new Wixom plant, the "Blue Devil" should be a fully carbon fiber body C6 like in the pic but with a dry sump supercharged 427 pushing around 600+ horsepower. It should also weigh under 3000 lbs and destroy cars like the Ford GT, and be on par performance wise with the worlds best supercars, like the Enzo and the Carrera GT.

    It should be exciting in 2006.
  4. All rumors. Especially the blue devil part. The Ls7 WILL most likley be a 427 and be RATED at 500hp. There is no condermation of a blue devil or supervette yet. But you can bet there will be. 500hp is also most likley true but it will also most likley be 500lb/ft. This will probably be a blue devil because of the viper coupe (if it beats the Z06) and Lutz want the vette to be best once again. But I doubt all CF because if they want it to only be 100k then that will be tugh with all CF. There is no way they would use forced induction. They could get 600hp out of the engine. Try not to act as matter of factly when your talking about rumors.
  5. ok, ok, its not confirmed, but a 600 plus horsepower supervette may cost $100,000 USD,
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    producing 625 hp, Blue Devil’s initial power will come from a supercharged 427 engine—and it will use lightweight carbon fiber for key body parts, reducing weight by several hundred pounds to drop the super C6 to about 2900 pounds.

    The price indicated on the internal documents is $100,000 for Blue Devil, if and when it actually makes production in 2006—at the earliest. We wonder whether the Devil’s chances of seeing light are further improved following product czar Bob Lutz’s comments that he’d like to see a Chevy-badged car like the 2002 Cadillac Cien concept."

    this may not be matter of fact but its not just me talking, just wanted to show you
  7. Thats ok. There are just too many rumors. Many sites and magizines have said so much its har to believe certain things. The best insiders and even high up people like Lutz have made mention to a 427 and 500hp. Not alot of info on the supervette but I doubt they would use forced induction mainly because its not corvette and they dont have to.
  8. "General Motors officials aren’t connecting the dots and saying this is a “go,” but the high-performance heart of Blue Devil is the kind of specialized, high-content engine project envisioned for the General’s new Performance Build Center set to open shop next year in Wixom, Michigan. The center is intended to attack projects with “a sort of race team mentality,” says Ed Koerner, vice president of GM Powertrain engineering operations."
  9. Some rumors including one that came from MT says that the blue devils engine is running at 700-725BHP.

    For the Z06 its gonna be called Z06 no reason to call it otherwise.
  10. personally, I DO NOT ever want to see a supercharged supervette, Im sure you agree. This Blue Devil would not be meant as merely competition for a Viper, the Z06 would take care of that fine.

    WHat the purpose of this Blue Devil would be, I would say, is to finally have a Vette Supercar that competes with the best Supercars in the world. Why shouldnt Chevy with all their rescources have something like this? It is time to make a genuine, mabye expensive, limited run of truely super Vettes. I know Id like to see that, even if it was $200,000 and all CF, I bet they would sell too.
  11. Thanks, I was wondering what the code name was going to be
  12. i highly doubt the name change to ZO7 because ZO6 was a historic name

    those are all photoshops and not the real car
  13. on a side note, is there any chance the gto or ssr will get cylinder deactivation? from what i remember the gen4 5.3 will, and the ls2 has the ability.

    and nice info on the Z06, everything i hear gets me more excited
  14. I was hoping for a 502 big block!
  15. i dont think the LS2 has cyclinder deactivation
  16. The LS2 does not have DOD. I doubt the SSR or GTO will have it because they will proably always use vette engines from now on. If one did have it, it would be the SSR seeing as how it could some day use another vortec V8
  17. If chevy will deliver the Z07 w/ 500 hp and a supervette w/ over 600 hp, they will be my new favorite car company
  18. ya it will probably be the Z06, and yes, those pics are indeed photoshops done by a guy thats owned alot of Vettes, hes just guessing right now
  19. The fenders of the Z06 will also be flared.
  20. with 335's they definately would have to be. 335's would make the Vette look soooo mean from the rear.
  21. 500? It needs to be MORE than 500!! 500 is just standard now, there are so many cars up to 500hp now! It should be atleast 540-565.
  22. Well RATED at 500. A few rumors for different people say the LS7 will actually have more like 525-550 horsepower.
  23. I think its about 510bhp.
  24. It will be worth the wait.
  25. I'm gonna laugh my ass off when it gets a 6.3L

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