So the police took a photo of my car

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  1. In this country, that would mean htat they could never make a conviction. You have to to prove who the driver was before you can convict.

    Also, how on earth did they make out the number plate on that?!?!?!
  2. By the way, Henrik, regarding Ghostriders riding, is capture still required for conviction in Sverige?
    Ive always assumed this has been the reason he isn't in jail?
  3. Speed cameras won't get him, because they take pictures from the front, and even then he has a black visor. I also presume he uses a fake plate. And it's not likely the rozzers will catch him red handed, is it? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Capture isn't required, as far as I know. They do need a picture from a speed camera clearly showing the face of who is driving, though.
  4. So technically they just need rock solid proof, public knowledge of his identity obviously isn't this.

    Id jail him, but I love the country for sticking to rules even when there's clearly pressure to just judge him.

  5. Is there public knowledge of his identity? I haven't heard that. Besides which, they'd still have to have actual proof that it is him, which isn't easy unless they catch him at it.
  6. See there is the same legal precedent on the books here in the US (you have to prove that the owner was driving the car), but there is no actual enforcement of it in regards to red light cameras (thankfully I don't think speed cameras as they exist in Europe are here in the US, just red light cameras). I think they get away with it (at least here in NYC) because these don't actually take points on your license (whereas if a cop pulls you over for the same thing, it's 3 points), it's just a revenue generating mechanism. Still, it sucks. You miss a yellow light by a half a second, $50...
  7. The only red light camera in my city (that I'm aware of anyway) is at a very busy intersection where if you're turning left and you enter the intersection just as the light turns yellow (ie it's too late to stop even if you wanted to), 95% of the time the light will turn red before you've finished the turn.
  8. what the #$%#? speed cameras have been thrown out here. us > you
  9. In NYC the cameras only shoot a pic if you haven't completely crossed the crosswalk lines before it turns red, so if you get into the center of the intersection while it's still yellow, you're good.

    So you're saying that that camera will take a picture of people who really had no chance to stop? That's total bullshit.
  10. California or US?
  11. I'm not entirely sure how it's set up to work, maybe it runs the same way as the cameras in NYC. Half the time it's off and people are working on it anyway, so I've only seen it go off maybe three times.
  12. As far as I know, only red light cameras are currently allowed in California, but there is a bill in the state senate that would change the vehicle code wording to allow speed cameras as well. I'm pretty sure Arizona has speed cameras state wide, and various cities in other states have them as well.
  13. Land of the free no more...

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    edit. You guys need a second civil war.
  14. we only have a few redlight cameras...
  15. I went for a spin around the block when I was storing my Delta, just to keep everything in working order. When I pulled back into my driveway there were two police officers parked in front of my house talking. They approached me as I stepped out and said that there was a peeping tom in the neighborhood, and I fit the description...which apparently was a 6'+ white 1/2 the neighborhood. They wanted to take a picture of me and my car, I wouldn't do it unless I could pose, they got upset but went along with it. So somewhere in the sheriff's department there's a picture of me flexing my guns next to the delta.
  16. hahah pwnage
  17. VicRoads ****

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  18. I thought you were suppose to be in the middle east by now making over $450000/year doing hydro-demolition, hot shot.
  19. the red car in that picture is a ute.
  21. **** the police
  22. so start taking pictures of their cars
  23. Here red light cameras don't take a photo until 0.3 seconds after it turns red. Also in this situation they send a letter to the address of the car, and say asking who was driving and someone has to take the points.
  24. Usually the ticket will get pegged to the registration, so the car can't be registered until it is taken care of.

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