So TV brands, what do you fellows think?

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  1. I always heard that Samsung and Sony made the best TVs....
    I bought a 40" Sony LCD Bravia a year and a half ago, and I love it still. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

    Butttt... I think I would have gone with plasma if I could do it again. I just think its brighter with more vivid colours.
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    only about 5 of those make TV sized panels, and half of those dont even make panels (Apple sure as hell doesnt), they just rebrand other manufacturers stuff. The cost of the production lines for large size LCD panels are a Billion+ dollars.

    Sharp, Chimei, LG, Samsung, and one other taiwanese maker are pretty much it in the TV panel production world. They even regularly buy from eachother when they have shortages in certain sizes.

    My dad was one of the co-founders of the first LCD manufacturer to produce in china ~25 years ago. Ive been around it my entire life.
  3. And I'm assuming that its an all in one kind of deal and I don't need to get a receiver as well. But thanks, I'm gonna check into those.
  4. I have an LG, and I gotta say I love it. I bought it a few years ago so it only has 1080i and not the fastest refresh rate, but the picture looks brilliant. Absolutely no problems as of yet. It also plays PS3 games very well considering it doesn't have the fastest refresh rate. The speakers could be a tad better, especially at loud volumes. If too loud, then you hear a constant noise, but like I said only at very high volumes.
  5. Don't need it, however you can connect some soundbars to a receiver to turn it into the center channel of 5.1/7.1 system.
  6. My Sony has an built digital receiver, All you need to do is to buy a card reader and stick in the TV.
  7. Yeah, you're still clearly talking out of your ass, dude.
  8. Ummm he's right about most of the things he's talking about. Hell most panels a few years ago was nothing but LG and Samsung.
  9. No dudes, this is a common misconception that there's only 3 or 4 companies that manufacture LCD screens. Sharp, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, NEC, Kyocera, Chi Mei, AUO, Chungwha, Sanyo, and Panasonic all manufacture LCD television screens. The list of LCD laptop and other electronic device screen manufacturers is the long one I posted earlier. They're not all the same shit. A 1400$ Japanese TV, a 800$ Korean TV, and a 400$ Chinese TV do NOT use the same panels.

    I bought a Sharp, which is widely recognized as the best. Nobody else uses their screens, except for very recently Sony, and only on their high-end premium TV's.

    You dudes talk out of your asses way too much.
  10. I'm just going to say this, just because you bought a sharp, they aren't the best in the industry.

    And we're only talking about TV manufactures here, not some lame shit copy that China puts out from stealing tech info.
  11. yah yah, I know that just because I bought a Sharp doesn't make it the best, but I did my research and bought a Sharp because it is the best.

    But why don't you go ahead and tell me what TV is better than a Sharp?
  12. you didn't get one of those ones with an inexplicable extra colour (yellow) did you? quattro or quattron or something.

    hooray for marketing gimmicks
  13. No, I bought an Aquos.
  14. Sharp is the perfect amount of TV.
  15. If I had money to blow I would've bought that 9G Kuro Elite that was for sale on Ebay for 2G+
  16. That's a plasma TV. That's not really what we're talking about is it?

    And no thanks, I wouldn't want a plasma anyway.
  17. Its a TV, isn't it?

    Whenever anyone goes to shop for a TV you either have a choice of LCD, LED LCD, or a Plasma.
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    [email protected] whole post. Youre so full of shit, and the fact you think theres a 'widely recognized best' makes you even more full of shit.

    LG has even bought from sharp (as well as samsung), despite being the 2nd largest manufacturer of panels in the world and their rival. Pioneer also used sharp panels :

    oh, and sharp has even used other manufacturers displays (AUO) in the past in their TVs.
  19. Yah, but which screens do they use, you idiot. Not the same ones they put in their good tv's. Why are you so dense?

    Like are you really trying to convince me that a 500$ LG has the same screen as a Sharp Aquos? Really??? Is that what you're doing here?
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    yeah proberly (ive got nothing to back this)

    you dont think that a company would put the exact same shit inside a 500 TV thats on the inside of a $5,000 tv if it means that the consumer is stupid enough to pay for it? perfect example. same applies to TV's

    you are an idiot if you think this doesnt happen.
    do you buy $100+ monster gold plated ect HDMI cables?
  21. I didnt say that at all. What I said is that the difference between a 500 dollar (brand A) and the next tier up (Brand A) is going to be 10x greater than the difference between a 500 dollar (Brand A) and a 500 dollar (Brand B), which shouldnt be surprising because theyre often using identical panels.

    Comparable model TVs now are incredibly similar. You can tell yourself your sharp is sooo much better than the comparable sony/LG/samsung/whatever model TV, but really, youre just kidding yourself. Signal quality ends up being much more critical than TV brand.

  22. also: One thing youre often paying for between models, instead of better panels, is added features such as more inputs, built in receivers, higher power signal processors, more compact versions of the same product (requiring more expensive ancillary components), etc.
  23. And that's what I wanted too. Better speakers, better controller layout, better controller infrared, better menu programming. I tried the Toshiba, Sony, and LG TV's and didn't like their stuff. The Sharp is the best one. That stuff is part of what makes it better.

    You guys are both just narrow-minded bandwagon-jumping wannabe know-it-alls who like to hear themselves talk / see themselves type.
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    Some Samsung tiered TVs are pretty much the same shit with a board or two gutted/options omitted unless you can get into the Service menu.
  25. this thread is funny. should have got a panasonic/pioneer though

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