So what are you getting me?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burning, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. My birthday is in a couple of days, (Jan 1), Im getting myself a big arse hangover as usual, what are you all going to buy me? Im taking some inspiration from stangman on this one, he said $2 from everyone in the world, Im going for $20 from everyone on the board, and you can get me an Aston DB9
  2. A (used) big black rubber dildo. Your mum's old one.
  3. I'll egg your house.

    For free of course.
  4. A lobotomy.
  5. come on, I want something good
  6. Im getting myself one of those. Problem is i dont have the time to buy a car, let alone sell my own car. I have all my MGB money sitting in an account collecting interest, without the time to look for a new one or sell my current car. Im going around the world in Feb, so ill probably get my parents to sell my car and buy me a new one while im away.
  7. It;s nice to have your bday in the first day of the year.
  8. No its too close to christmas=less stuff.

    Thats why I'm not getting you anything btw, my christmas gift was more than enough.
  9. Yes that's true, but still it's cool and rare.
  10. Thats right. It sucks arse.
  11. a brace of cocktail sticks to the eyes
  12. A windows computer.
  13. Beat him to death with it, lock/stock style.
  14. I'll give you my digital camera, and you give me $700. Both are completly unrelated.
  15. for $700 Australian (thats like $5million NZ) I want a night with your mum AND your sister, at the same time.
  16. Seeing as I only have a brother, and we all know you swing that way, that won't be a problem.

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