So what were your best memories of 2007?

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  1. jail, wreck, no girlfriend, and fights
  2. Probably one of the worst years ever.
  3. Sander van Doorn @ lush in April

    This girl shawna

    Driving behind a Sagaris in my home town on an awesome summers day, and almost crashing as I leaned out the window to take a pic.

    The recreational use of ecstasy

    Arctic Monkeys Concert in Dublin

    Random sex

    Oxegen Festival 2007. What a #$%#ing unforgetable 3 days.

    Holiday in August to Magaluf with my 3 best mates

    Getting into photography a bit

    University - Moving away and having the time of my life with some really great people. Picking a course I love and learning a lot about life in general

    Climbing on top of the Sage Building in Newcastle 2 Saturdays ago at 5.30am. I shit you not.

    That's all I can think of, so I've had a #$%#ing awesome year.

    Great thread btw <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  4. Graduated which resulted in year with lots of work. Finally allowed me to by one of my dream cars, and in the end of the year i got a new job. All in all a great year, hopefully 2008 will be even better.
  5. Turning 18 (Legal Drinking Age = legal clubbing, going to a bar, etc.)

    Starting University - Finally free of highschool and doing shit I like

    Living on my own for 2 months - Just plain rad, plus lots of girlies over

    Daft Punk 4 days ago.
  6. I'm glad you mentioned daft punk, they really are undescribable.
  7. United -
    Being at the United-Roma match in April. Getting to the game, looking like a tosser in a suit, then as we walk to where we had to go in, the Roma fans charge down the street at us all. Then getting into the place, being treated to the best food/hospitality I've ever experienced, and then going out to our seats, and experiencing 76,000 people screaming their heads off at each other. Oh and we won 7-1, and fookin' destroyed the Italians.

    Driving -
    Learning to drive with a great instructor, and then finally passing 9 months later. Boredom is now a thing of the past in effect, 'cause I can go wherever I like.

    New People -
    Met a large number of new people, couldn't be a better bunch of people to spend time with.

    18ths/House parties -
    Great excuse for everyone you know to get absolutely leathered, sing along with each other and whatever else you can do, had plenty of these.

    Bowling for Soup and the rest of the bands on the Get Happy Tour (x2) -
    Great gigs to go too, loadsa fun, great music (at least to me)
  8. It's also in my mind still, because it was so recent.

    Also, I can't believe I forgot:
    Getting my Driver's and Rider's licenses.
  9. You got chased in your home city. Dissapointing.
  10. I had a lot of sex with a lot of different women this year, it was pretty good. I dont know if it topped 2006 in numbers, it didnt beat it in quality. But i got involved with a workmate ( i was her boss) which was a massively bad idea. Did me no favours, but it was a learning experience for sure.
  11. this year i made a lot of trips���� were in StP, Crimea (a lot of it), Kyiv, Kazan....i succeded in my job and finally got respect and appreciation, though there were some problems at university, i managed to fix everything by now, we made our relationship quite serious and managed to uderstand when is that point to shut up and cool down a bit))))
  12. had a massive 21st party, met a couple of new awesome people, bought the ute, bought PS3/massive TV, started doing my own jobs
  13. True, but it was one hell of a night.
  14. graduated high school, became 18 and a grown man ololololo, made tons of new friends and ehh.. well I have no idea what more..
  15. Mostly graduating and finding a good job

  16. -finally finding a study that fits me.
    -joining a fraternity.
    -dj'ing for the first time in clubs.
  17. Your cat was pretty epic.
  18. Getting the Evo, annual Poland trip, US Grand Prix with all the people, helping make Chicago THE city for epic meets and making great friends through this place (BR/cr, Atomic, amenasce), two semesters of straight A's, and finally meeting an awesome girl. I'll miss this year.
  19. In no specific order.....

    -Getting my riders licence
    -Growth in my relationship with God
    -Making some new friends
    -The Liberty retreat
    -Personal growth

    -My sedond trip to the USA, which includes:
    -Seeing falling snow for the first time,
    -Getting my first ride on a track
    -Spending Christmas with Inno and his family
    -First rides in turbo 911s
    -Growth in my relationships with four great friends: Luke, Jeff, Andrew and Kyle - thank you guys.
  20. Restarting school again would be the big one.
  21. Finishing College

    Starting Uni

    Goodwood FoS

    Going to Austria

    other stuff I can't remember right now
  22. Tax returns and VAT payments... Oh **** <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  23. Yeah. Only the sports was fun.
  24. Trip to SRA championships in spring, epic fun.

    Summer camp was some really good times, with various seat of the pants adventures, blowing shit up, and #$%#ing with the staff.

    Loved vacation to Shenandoah valley, beautiful scenery, bonding time with my brother.

    HOTS 2007, incredible laughs in the rooms, had some girls over the night before the race, went out even though everything was flooded, there were trees, basketballs, lawn chairs and dead domestic animals in the river, and it was hailing.

    Scholars group trip to DC. Good fun, especially when I blacked out after I accidentally combined by prescription migraine meds with a crap load of caffeine.

    Just lots more freedom, chilling/hanging out with/doing stuff with my friends, a lot more freedom, more money, and driving in a month. So yeah, good year.
  25. Your perv father =/= different womens
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