So where is the Citroën Conservatoire?

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by MooSquad, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I must see this irl, even more awesome than that storage thing of Nissan's
  2. Ah I got a name
    le Conservatoire du patrimoine de Citroën in a town called Aulnay-sous-Bois
    hmm.. time

    edit: north-east Paris...
  3. K so somewhere here

    mods, close this thread lol
  4. I can easily find out where it is.
  5. I love those wide arched rally cars, especially the Visa Lotus

    Edit: these pictures are a lot more appropriate as POTD then what I've seen lately.
  6. thats pretty cool

    saw a Visa at a hillclimb i went to last summer
  7. That's a pretty stock Visa 1400, though
    Even their homologation models were apparently not very good (Visa Chrono), but those racing ones, just wow. Sweet Bagheera next to that too.
  8. Yeah pretty sweet i like matras, i think that dude was a bit of a francophile as he had a highly modded 205 gti too
  9. Yeah.. if there's any youngtimer I could recommend, it'd be the Murena, though. Especially since underneath, it's all common Peugeot parts, which keeps maintenance costs low. No rust either.
  10. its a shame alot of these quirky french carmakers went under.. Matra, Talbot, Simca etc

    edit: but then again if they were still around today they would probably be churning out bland stuff anyway
  11. Yeah, to think, Talbot became kind of bland already (solara, tagora, even though I like them) and their last car they were going to put on the market happened after their complete demise and eventually became the Peugeot 309. Simca went to shit after doing business with Chrysler, god that was a bad time. Matra stayed quirky after marketing their own cars (ie Renault Avantime = Matra), heard they try things with electric cars now, dunno.

    Frankly I'm pretty happy with the 80's memories, even moreso than a Citroen that lives on with not-really-real-Citroen cars like the ZX, Saxo, etc.
  12. Wasnt this closed off for the public?
  13. Likely... but can't harm to try whenever I have the opportunity to be in Paris again for one or another reason (ie work)
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    Don't know if you've seen this Moo but Peugeot seem to have something similar.

    Ford's collection was featured on Pistonheads a few months back as well, few Escort Cosworths and special RS200's and the likes.

    I love things like this, should be a thread dedicated to heritage/forgotten collections that manufacturers have.
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