So which car would you prefer:

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by lurbo, Feb 14, 2003.

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    I'd definately take the ZL1. It's all about the power!!!
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    I can totally understand that but keep in mind you could probably build 3 Zl1's for the price of the Enzo.

    I'm just stating earlier that being superior means taking the flag in every category...the Enzo actually doesn''s an overall faster car on the track for sure...but it's not superior.
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    i would want the enzo for the looks..ull be called a rycer if ur seen in this..but then u show ur not just any normal rycer..ur a ***** lol
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    ? What do you mean? You wouldn't be called a R!CER in the ZL1 at all...Camaros are so for from R!CE Man...especially this car.
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    enzo for sure
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    there really is nothing that can even try to compare to the class and sophistication of the enzo and ferrari's pure ability to make a beautiful car. not to mention the fact that the thing moves so fast you can't see it. I would by far take the enzo. it would appreciate much better in the long run and has more civil manners when driving around town and on the bendies. but you can't beat this camaro for straight line balls!!!!!!!!
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    I would take the ZL1 over the Enzo any day. Real men drive real cars and camaros are real cars. Everyone disses camaros at first but listen to this, my friend was an import lover, just like all of you, until one day he came up in his honda (lol) , so i said to him it's time you learn as i handed him my keys and told him that we are going for a lil drive my friend. Now I admit my car is not the best, it's a 1987 Chevy Camaro Iroc-Z
    350ci 5.7 liter TPI (Tuned Port Injection)
    borded .060 over making it a 383
    dynoed at 375 hp
    Now my friend had never driven a V8 car before, so he gets in it starts it up and almost shits himself from the sound of the exhaust and the vibration of the engine. I told him rev it up a little, so he did and he looked at me with fear in his eyes from how loud the car is, and said i don't know if i can handle this i can feel the power just sitting here at idle he said, and by this point i am laughing so hard and he is like i'm serious. I told him to just drive, and he puts it in drive and just tapped the gas a little and the wheels already started to spin, he couldn't get the car out of the drive way, finally he gets out and i told him get on it a little so he punch it at about 20 mph and left about 30 feet of rubber on the ground. The car through him back into the seat and he said he couldn't move. After that he said he was gonna sell his honda and buy a real car, and he did, he bought a camaro,
    a 1989 Chevy Camaro RS
    305 TBI (Trottle Body Injection)
    A lesson well learned. If you want a real car just shup up and get a #$%#en camaro already. (By the way click on the picture in my post and see what comes up, this is truely American muscle all the way beautiful car)
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    how exactly is a enzo related to a honda?
    btw i would take the enzo, and not sell it like some people. The bling, think of the bling...
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    i wouldnt choose this for any thing its butt ugly and way 2 many horses. performance is not everything....
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    I usually say...To each his own...but you have no valid argument nor do you show any intelligence with this I'll leave saying you're opinion is really ingorant.
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    do u no anything about cars?! the enzo is one of the best performance cars ever! at least one of the best street legal ones.
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    Enzo or Camaro hmmmmmm definatley the american one, doesnt matter what enzo does or can do just havin an american car especially a chevy that can beat all fords is good enough for me so definatley the camaro but this concept couldnt touch my 1978 z28
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    You people must not race much! Normally if you really like to race you want a sleeper. I'm the kinda guy who looks like he is running a stock camaro but when people pull up and get a real surprise when i unload 400 horses on them. So for the guys that want the fancy looking car that is slower go get your ferrari. Also everybody will know what that ferrari is running, so good luck getting a good race. I would take the CAMARO its faster and nobody will have the slightest idea what kinda sh-t storm they are about to get unloaded on them. PRICE AND NAMES ARE NOT EVERYTHING! JUST CUZ YOU PAY MORE DOESN'T MEAN ITS BETTER. FERRARI IS FOR GUYS WHO LIKE TO THINK THEY GOT A FAST CAR. GO TO THE TRACK AND TAKE YOUR ENZO YOU WILL GET SLAUGHTERED! 11 second quarter is joke for 600,000 dollar car! CAMARO ALL THE WAY. CAMARO IS FOR GUYS WHO HAVE FAST CARS. If you also say something like it has a nice interior, well you are not straight. I care about point A to point B as fast as possible. If your worring about the bling the ferrari has got that bling will be gone when the guy in the camaro roasts you into the floor! And the girl in the right seat will think you have 1 inch you know what.

    AMERICAN MUSCLE all the way!
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    A family is riding down the high way in their minivan looking out the window at this fancy ferrari ohhing and ahhing, with their mouths open. Then along comes this mean and nasty camaro that pulls up beside it. The children ask their dady what is going on. They watch as the two cars confront each other on the highway. Finnaly they both let loose and everyone on the highway see's as that fancy ferrari gets melted by the camaro. And the father driving the minivan says to his children the camaro is just defending the streets from those over priced exotics. The camaro shows the ferrari the door and claims throne to that highway for today. DONT doubt it guys my friends who work at jegs are running camaros in the low 11's with out much work. It is more enjoyable to be the underdog.
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    I'd pretty much take the enzo then sell it and buy one of the camaros and a nice house. That damn enzo is a rich mans beg for speed..well if the rich man wants speed, get an american car. You don't have to look dressy like the enzo to have speed. I was in Chicago recently and saw an enzo drive offense to you guys who like them but that thing sounded like it had some souped up weed-eater engine in it. With its high whining noise. I love the growl of american muscle. You think your #%$get ass imports can smoke the shit off of our american cars then come pull up against my 1969 429 boss mustang or my 1970 454 the time you blink ill be gone and out of your sight before you know it. I don't really care whether its Ford, Dodge, or Chevy they all spell one thing AMERICAN! So take your damn imports and sell them and find a real car! Thats my 2 cents worth.
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    At first i would take the Enzo. But when you think of the mpg and the general up keep and wear and tare, the Enzo is a lot more on your wallet. Plus the Camaro is more reliable than the Enzo.
    Even something as simple as an oil change will cost a lot more with the Enzo.
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    How can yuo even compare these cars with each other.
    The camaro is a heavy piece of crap for retards with mullets who think going in a straight line takes skill.
    Anyone with half a brain would choose the enzo over this pile. Enzo looks better, has better build quality, sounds better, corners better, handles better, and pulls more chicks than any shitty camaro
  18. Which Is Better?
    So which car would you prefer:

    Don't get me wrong I love camaros, but how the hell can you even begin to compare it to an Enzo? Although i would take the Enzo over the camaro just because of the value, i would rather drive the Camaro LZ1 over the Enzo. But thats just me Im all about American Cars.
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    nice power but dont like the shape

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