So yeah, new car

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bananatucker, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. lol some Jap car is better than a rust bucket Porshit
  2. lol some Jap car is better than a rust bucket Porshit
  3. its not you dumbass ricer. enjoy your camry looks inside and out while you ziptie your bumpers
  4. How's it feel riding the bike while your car is sitting on bricks? too bad you can't afford the overpriced parts if you're playing video games all day long
  5. Having never driven the ka I can't compare, but I read a lot of stuff when I owned my car, and everyone who did the swap praised the sr20. It is a stunning engine though, and responds really well to mods. Reliable as hell too. The only thing that ever went wrong with my car was the fuel pump, and I had it up to something like 200,000kms.
  6. feels good man
  7. It's ok your car has passion though. If I could afford it I would have some rust bucket shitty Alfa sitting in my garage.
  8. The truck engine in it is plenty quick, but yeah the sr20 would be a lot faster. As it is now I can take out ricer shit like del slo's, civics, integras and eclipses so I really can't complain
  9. I ADMIT the 944 was wayyy more fun to drive, even though this car accelerates/corners faster

  11. Its in good shape, good buy.
  12. Amazing stuff. Welcome to the club! Check out the Nissan project thread!
  13. drop a LS9 in it.
  14. ill blow past you in my 5.0 fox body that I put $900 in and runs 10s
  15. But will dumb bint women think you're driving a new lexus?

  16. You have a Cadillac?
  17. meh, japanese junk...

    just kdding man, looks ok
  18. yeah a 96 pearl white STS
  19. is it any good? i have no idea about these cars. weren't sold here i think.
  20. They were sold in most of Europe I believe but in pretty small numbers.

    Good cars. I used to have one, and would I own rubbish???
  21. What? Totally were
  22. oh, thought they were import. i hardly ever see one.
  23. ya not too many were made. I see more 944s driving around than I do these cars (aka none)
  24. Ah, Silvia. Modern classic. Nice finding it in such original condition.
  25. now do this

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