So, you know how I sold my 944?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bananatucker, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. to that pretty girl?

    I spent a good whole day with her on monday fixing little things here and there and telling her how to maintain it and such. everything went well and since we go to the same uni we were going to keep in touch and hang out, etc.

    She called me today saying the car won't start and there's a huge puddle under it. The spark plugs I put in it were already covered in oil too. she asked if she could get her money back, but I made her sign a "as-is" receipt when she bought it and I spent the money on the nissan so no go.

    I feel pretty awful, but I don't regret selling the porsche now lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

  2. no sex 4 u man
  4. "haha you're #$%#ed now"
  5. Who the hell asks for a refund???
  6. was her name adrian?
  7. Hahahaha thought you were going to say she's yours now.
  8. ironically, it was adrielle or something weird

    no bullshit
  9. She told you that to get you to come over, then she's gonna seduce you.
  10. so what broke, is the car RIP now?
  11. Offer to come over and look at it with her. You're both mechanical and shit, fix it together. But make her pay for the parts.
  12. this
  13. Never sell a car to a person you know. 2x when it's a piece of shit.
  14. Had a guy come in the other day for a car cover, I ask him what is it for. He told me a Porsche..... 944. I asked him if he actually owned one that ran, he said barely, just needed the car cover to keep water from leaking into the car. We laughed.
  15. Should have refunded her with surprise secks.
  17. I made a guy refund my money once after buying a car.
  18. was it getting in through his chicken wire grill? did you put him on hold for 45 minutes? etc
  19. adrianne (Worked)
  20. how pretty is this girl? pics?

    this matters in this situation.
  22. haha srsly. you don't sign anything saying you bought it "as-is" then ask for your money back when it inevitably breaks.

    what a supid bint
  23. you sold the Porsche (piece a shit) to a precious girl who doesn't know shit about cars? omg
  25. I know the lucky bastard. I can never find a good rube when I need to get rid of a car.

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