So you think time travel is impossible?

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    Dr. Ronald Mallet from something something university in the states says it isn't... we'll see.

    however, the current possibilities would be in sending photons, kinda like an optical connection between two times with information through light transfer. transferring more than light is a different story.

  2. 1. Build a really fast spaceship.
    2. Rapidly fly out into space then return.
    4. Time travel accomplished. Land in futuristic utopia/nuclear wasteland?
  3. if you can travel faster than light you can.

  4. This is another way of saying you can't.
  5. Relativity is BS. Refer to other thread.
  6. Not even if you fold spacetime through a higher dimension? Or something.
  7. Say hypothetically you could bend space like in Star Trek, and you're able to effectively travel and superluminal speed, you wouldn't be able to outgun a photon in your little normal-space bubble. You'd never exceed the local speed of light.
  8. its completely possible. I get so drunk I wake up in the future wondering where I am all the time!
  9. I'm traveling through time right now, just really slowly and only in one direction.
  10. its possible, because to make energy travel faster than the speed limit of the third dimension, you have to go through the fourth dimension or higher dimensions. matter is really dense energy, so its mobility is limited in higher dimensions (a human or animal must be the rock of the fourth dimension? lol) where less dense energy (light for example) can theoretically and practically access higher dimensions.
  13. you dont need to break the laws of physics to break the laws of physics
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    its funny to note just how dense of an energy field matter really is. according to e=mc2 one gram of mass contains some "21.5 kilotons of TNT-equivalent energy (≈21 kt)", or about 90 terajoules or 85 billion btu's of energy.

    under practical examples u can find these figures:
  15. Not to mention all you're seeing is the reflection of light of whatever. You can see back in time, like looking at a far away star, but you couldn't change it.
  16. Most of this makes no sense/you do realize that there are four macroscopic dimentions already?
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    So cool.
  18. I'm sorry but 962racer is doing SCIENCE here, please take your trolling elsewhere.
  19. "This century will be seen as the age of time travel, just like the 20th century was seen as the age of space travel".

    What kind of analogy is that? Fckn black retard.
  20. did you watch the video? if you didnt you wouldnt know of the context of my post. the guy is working on a project to send light or subatomic particles through the fourth dimension of time. someone here said its impossible unless u can go faster than light and i jokingly replied with what you quoted. from a 3d pov the photon might be supernatural but in four dimensions the occurrence is or could be natural.

    i mentioned energy density to note the difference between sending information through time with light as opposed to matter or 3d objects through time and the implications.
  21. Do you know they've already done this stuff? They've sent sub atomical matter back in time in the 70s, the Russians were first. Well they don't really know if it's back in time, they simply just "disappear".
  22. Some kind of gulag for sub-atomatter
  23. to send it off in the fourth dimension is one thing, to come up with a system that enables receiving particles from a host of timelines is another, and thats what they are attempting here, apparently. there are obvious practical and strategic interests in the possibility of this, which often brings funding. then again the pentagon has huge funds going into hush missions so who knows what.
  24. I remember watching this show about time travel. They said it is impossible to time travel in the past BUT it is possible to time travel to the future. I don't remember the detail but to time travel to the future requires to go relly, really #$%#ing fast.

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