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  1. .... Sam has a degree and stangman's oldest is 17. Wow. this thread is a great reminder of how many years I have been coming here. I think I need a drink.
  2. In 11 months it'll be my 10 year anniversary
  3. will there be cheesecake

    also, srsly, welcome back man
  4. is this the gay porsche guy?

    I always get my gay porsche guys mixed up
  5. wait so are you bi?
  6. there's three iirc:

    chordate, the guy who likes luke and is fUcking serious, and the guy who has (had, i suppose) pre pubescent boy avatars

    i couldn't tell them apart via their usernames, so i just try to figure it out from the avatar + signature most of the time.
  7. nononono,

    Chordate = P996t = chinless, tasteless, tacky wonder
    P996911t = this guy = was raped by the former. Used to be a #$%#ed up member
    My911Turbo = aussie fundamentalist christian and whole bags of crazy. Likes Luke until he got married then things got fUcking serious.

    All of them are gay, hence the insinuation that people with Porsche usernames are gay
  8. Does she have a sister?
  9. Wait a minute you sound familiar...
  10. ...that's what i said. :s
  11. No, it was My911Turbo that liked Luke and was fUcking serious, not Chordate.
  12. right

    yeah i see the problem. i wasnt saying chordate was the one who liked luke, rather i was saying the one who liked luke was another of the three including chordate and op. its all good.
  13. lol no it wasnt
  14. So I have a question. This great girlfriend of yours who is hot, congratulations btw, does she know of your previous ass-mastering lifestyle?
  15. Whoa hi! So you've gone straight?
  16. really? I joined the Indies after the Paris Auto Show back in 2000...didn't make my way on to the others til like 2 years after LOL
  17. -_- Wouldn't it be the 996 Turbo which btw I love
  18. yep, 22/12/2010 is when i joined.. indies for a number of months, then randomly found Misc
  19. Supra Veilside?
  20. Rustangs r slow
  21. reading comprehension fail in progress
  22. mmm-hmmm. Lists are shit though.
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