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  1. how are the bindings?
  2. Well I haven't tried them yet. I'm liking them so far, the amount of adjustability these things have is unreal, and they're padded well, and all the machining was well done. A good purchase, I think. Thanks again for the shipping, eh!
  3. im loving that set-up espically the board i would die for one of those
  4. I've been boarding for 13 years, and this is the first one I've actually bought. Like, I owned other boards, but I bought them off friends. It was time for me to get off the old clunker boards, and drop the coin on a serious item that I really wanted.
  5. Come out west for some power.
  6. I like a little Power in the morning.
  7. i havent been able to go out snowboarding once so far this year cause we have had like no snow
  8. I went two days in Quebec, and two days at Blue for the only two days they had any snow. This season has sucked.
  9. i know it was shitty. I might be going to marble mountain in like a month though so that should even things out, and make it a bit better
  10. You live out on the east coast?
  11. yeah, St. Johns Newfoundland
  12. Alberta hold all da money and da power

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