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Discussion in '1993 Ford Mustang Mach III Concept' started by LaserGT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ford just auctioned off the Mach III last month for $440,000 dollars. They also sold off all the concept cars that were in the Ghia warehouse. I think that Ford might still have another Mach III somewhere, but i'm not sure.
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    yeah that auction was incredible some of the concepts dated back to the 60's i wanted to go so bad but i had to work
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    I personally think that this concept is ugly as sin. I usually like Ford's designs but for some reason I can not seem to like this one. Performance-wise it's pretty good but the styling is pretty ugly to me.
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    come on people it was made in 1993 at it was cool for its time and its very fast even for today.
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    I like it.
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    Didnt they paint it some stupid green?

    By the way the concepts they auctioned couldnt be driven on roads so that kind of sucked
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    I like that GT-500, too bad it has the Starts and Stripes in the background. (Not to offend any of you American Patriots)
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    Nah, It was UGLY for 93. So ugly that this shit never went in production.

    They get back to the 94 that we all know.

    This car has NOTHING american in its design. It's just a ball like many euro cars we're seeing every time.

    This don't deserve the mustang name. That's why Ford sold it. The same problem that we can see in the "Taurus ball"...
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    good power but bad styling. i don't think it was worth 440,000 bucks though.
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    What's wrong with the Stars and Stripes in the background?
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    yea, like bright green or somethin

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