Solstice v. SLK.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by groupb, May 28, 2007.

  1. How should you know? I doubt very highly you've driven either one as well. Also, C/D have reviewed both, and TopGear even compared the two directly, and why shouldn't I take their opinion over that of someone who can't even use the word "no" correctly? Both C/D and TopGear preferred the Boxster as a sports car over the SLK. This isn't to say the SLK is a bad car, but in terms of sheer driving nirvana, the only car that comes close to equaling the Porsche's dynamics for anywhere near the cost is the Lotus Elise.
  2. Um... thanks?
  3. they are both rubbish, allthough i prefer the slk.
  4. Srsly, or a Cayman.
  6. I can't even beging to wonder how ignorant you are. First you criticize the SKY, now you're claiming the SLK is only availible with an automatic.

    ONLY the SLK55 has an automatic, the SLK 280 and SLK 350 can be bought with manual. They are good cars for their intended purposes.

    If you really want a car to constaly oversteer in, get another car. If you want something that's secure, drives well, gets alot of attention, get the SLK.

    Seriously, do your #$%#ing research before you post.
  7. The SLK is a hot rod.
  8. I have. the SL is a lame duck compaired to the boxster (the boxster is the most pure sports car that Porsche makes at the current moment). SL's are nice but for driveing fun I'll take a boxster any day of the week. so STFU noob.

    back to thread. all depends on what you want to do with it. if you're modifying go the solstice, if not the SLK.
  9. Hes probably driven more sprots cars then you can count, you dumbass n00b. STFU and crawl into your hole, you little shit.
  10. Boxster>>TT>>SLK>>>SKY>>>>Solstice.
  11. Then thats the comparision you should have made in the first place. In some other thread...Bosxter VS Lotus Elise...Do even have a sports car in your driveway? With at least 330hp? I'll take your word for it on this one.If you dont, what would you know in the first place without stepping in or driving either of these cars...The answer is you'd know nothing...I think you are a Porsche fan boy but I really dont care about your bias point of view.
  12. First off, we're discussing all possible sports car alternatives here, so #$%# off. Secondly, I doubt you even own a car AT ALL much less a sports car. Thirdly, proper sports cars don't need in excess of 330hp. The only car in this class that meets that criteria is the AMG SLK, and it isn't even a very good sports car, as far as sports cars go. Fourthly, any person with even a modicum (less than a modicum even) can tell straight away that I'm an AMG fanboy, not a Porsche fanboy. Finally, it's "biased," you illiterate pice of trash, not "bias."
  13. I was baiting just to see if you'd pick up.I went to work and went home after to post...Only to find you still on youre just a kid with no job or life for that matter;that still lives at home with mommy and daddy.Yes I did see your profile too...That was all part of my plan in the first place....Yes I own two sports cars which are Corvettes thank you...
  14. Liar, you didn't go to work, at least nowhere that pays well enough to support your TWO Corvettes. How can I tell? Your grammar and spelling suck and your arguments lack logic, no respectable employer would hire you. As for me, I have a sweet job, I only have to work from September through April, the rest of the year, I can do whatever the hell I please all damn day. As for my profile, it doesn't say anything that suggests that I am "just a kid with no job or life for that matter;that still lives at home with mommy and daddy." So, that just leaves this interesting "plan" of yours to laugh at. So, you jobless, carless teenage n00b, go crawl back to the Indie hell hole forum that birthed you.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering (not that I really care), i drive a Ford Taurus, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I still know more about sports cars than you do-not that that's saying much.
  15. LMFAO
  16. Wow, what kind of job?
  17. SLK without question...if not for the resale value alone
  18. Cobra>>>>all
  19. I've driven a Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6, which is based off the SLK (although I dont know how similar it is to the newest SLK), on a coned track once. It was pretty fun. Not as fun as the C6 Corvette I got to drive on the same track. But, it was very tossable. As far as the Solstice, I have never driven one, so I can't say which would be better. Although I am a fan of the Solstice (especially the Sky), I don't have any real world experience with it to say it would be more fun to drive than the SLK.
  20. I would say that using 330+hp as the requirement to determine sportscar status is a little inappropriate as that would mean the only sports car we have would not be the 911 or the racecar but is actually the tow vehicle for the racecar. nut:

    You really need to drive both and see what you prefer, but as TrueSportsCarMechanic said if your going to mod stay with the Solstice.
  21. true, but a totally different type of car
  22. Completely different car and around a twisty track the Boxster probably beats it.
  23. I'm in snow removal. It's actually not THAT sweet of a job, but I can't complain about having summers off.

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