Some guy stole my bike seat

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by odrallag, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. in broad daylight. It was a crappy seat, too. I had it locked up at the transit center next to a big ol' Costco while I was at work for six hours. so i had to ride two miles home standing up. blah.

    I hope he looked like a tool carrying it into the pawn shop trying to get five bucks for it. I think i'll attach a big piece of plywood for the seat next time I ride back there. Maybe write "kiss my ass" on it or something.
  2. HAHA, you made me remember some school fun. My mate Joe was driving, and he stole this dude called Peters push bike seat. When Peter came out of class and was about to go home and seen his bike, he was like 'wtf!!' and Joe drove slowly pass and goes 'hey Peeeeeteeeerrrrr!!! look what I got! HAHAHA', and he waved the seat in front of him and drove off with it.

    hahaha, it was funnier if you were there.
    Peter is one of those pommy blokes that everyone picks on, yet is one of our friends still, for some reason
  3. That happened to me once. I had to ride it home about 6 miles with no seat. It sucked.
  4. im loling
  6. Nigga stole my bike seat
  7. *stops loling and says,"next time get a tracker for it".

  9. HAHA!

    it could have been worse, you could have had your bike nicked.

    i remember a few years ago i went to the gym on my bike and locked it up at just the front wheel; big mistake if you have a quick release front wheel, i got out of the gym and saw just my front wheel locked up, the rest of the bike had gone.

    luckily the scally scum who nicked it lived around the corner from me, so me and my dad spotted him and threatened him with violence to give it back.
  11. Exactly.
  12. Its the likely scenario.
  13. hahahaha!
  14. He's an asshole.
  15. Psh, just the seat?
  16. no bike #%!@es !!!! o cant happen to me cuz i get a ride everywhere from my homies lol
  17. If I ever saw someone on a bike that was stolen from me I would throw a brick into their eye.

    Then I'd learn that the guy bought the stolen bike legitimately and I'd be charged and jailed.

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