Some LOST season 5 stuff.

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    A couple promo commercials. My two favorite.

    And this really gay theme song.
    this will make a grown man cry.
  2. why was there a polar bear
  3. I am so F'ing pumped. I'm watching every season over again in anticipation.
  4. Damon and Carlton emailed me about it.
  5. Im pumped.

    Still 2 more freakin months though!
  6. it seems like they trained them to turn the magic wheel that teleports the island, because if you turn it, you get teleported off the island to a different point in time, and banned forever, and nobody wanted to get banned

    they hinted that a polar bear was used to teleport the island, and then got banned and teleported to egypt, which is why it's skeleton was found buried at a dig site.
  7. Soooooo long. I don't want to see previews or anything though. NOTHING!
  8. I cant believe that one chick dies in season 5
  9. har har very funny.
  10. snape kills dumbledore!
  11. this is a show you dont want to rewatch twice
  12. yeah just rewatch once
  13. im psyched

    in other news, did chemical bros ever release Out of Control radio edit on a CD? the short version is much snappier, and doesnt drag
  14. no dont
  15. Wow, that's a massive mix up of like 4 different events.
  16. I really have the idea that all the writers had no #$%#ing clue how it should go after the first 2 seasons and just wrote something
  17. This is Lost, not Heroes.
  18. Lost is on top of things. They've got this locked down. Things have always been revealed super slowly. You just hafta be patient.
  19. I like the wtf moments they write in.
  20. I got pumped.
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  22. oh now it all makes sense
  23. Ive never seen Lost and that post made me go wtf i dun want this watch to watch i dont want to watch that

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