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  1. Decided to snap a few pics before switching to the winter wheels. Best I could do with a point and shoot camera; once the last mod's are done to the car I'll be investing in a decent SLR with a good lens. Anyways, thought I'd share; hope you like.
  2. cool car, I like the RS4 bumper. Aren't you scared of #$%#ing up the intercooler?
  3. the rs4 bumper looks so out of place. it's way lower than the rest of your body.
  4. it's like, Hetzen's GTi but bigger. lol
  5. It's a replica RS4 bumper by Rieger, an original looks a lot different in proportions (not as flared on the sides and flat nosed). It was put on by the previous owner and it looks alright but I've already got plans to order a stock bumper again with a tasty front lip in the next few weeks.

    It's not too bad with the intercooler, at least where I live I never have problems with clearance. The core is a little messed up from having no mesh on the front bumper and debre really kicks up and messes up the fins, so I'm going to eventually replace the core, paint the pipping black, black silicone hoses and then when I get the stock bumper, I'll have mesh covers put on... make it a bit more stealth.

    Anyways, heres an S4 with an OEM RS4 bumper for comparison (looks much better)...
  6. Nice car man, and that is a pretty huge intercooler. Any idea how much power its putting out?
  7. Thanks! I haven't had it dynoed yet, but estimating from some friends of mine with the same setup and tune as me, it's just over 400 whp at 23 psi (7000 rpm's) and around 430 whp when I have the water and meth injection filled... which is usually always. Torque is around 420 and 450 respectively at about 3400 rpm's.
  8. Nice car? Internal build on the engine or did you just do bolt on stuff and a tune?

  9. Thanks man. Yeah, it's all bolt on; most important parts being the K04 turbos from an RS4 and 630 cc injectors, with obvious supporting mods like exhaust, stronger intake pipping to handle the psi, etc. No need to build the engine unless I'm making over 500 whp, the 2.7 V6's are absolutely bomb proof.
  10. cool car
  11. I like this one more than the current one.
  12. Whoa, nice car. I don't remember you having this when I stopped posting a while ago. I love B5 S4s.

    But 400 whp on pump gas with straight K04s? I remember seeing maybe 450 crank or so for Stage III S4s back when my brother was considering going that route with his. 400 whp is over 500 crank. That's very impressive for straight K04s.
  13. Thanks man, I got it about 6 months ago so it hasn't been too long.

    It's about 450 off of straight K04's but I'm running a water and meth system that helps a ton. And as I said, I'm not sure about mine exactly but a few people I know with the same setup make that much. I'm eager to get some dyno time and a custom tune though.

    Here's a few more I got with a better camera and the winter setup. I think I like this look better than the OZ's:
  14. Where's your #$%#ing car dickhead?
  15. Interior/engine bay pics?
  16. Love it! Any video clips?
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    Thanks for the compliments! Only video I have so far is of some tunnels runs I did shortly after I bought the car, wasn't running water/meth at the time either:

    I'll try to get some more pics of the interior/engine and videos soon. I hope to get a speedometer shot and some snow drifting within the coming week.
  18. Looks very clean but as other have mentioned, matching sideskirts and rear bumper would be nice.
  19. sick ride . com
  20. Sweet. Meth is too risky for my tastes (though a lot of Evo guys run it), but you can't argue with results.

    A clean B5 S4 with K04s is one of the few cars I'd consider trading mine for.
  21. I was worried about running meth, too. In fact, I never filled it up until about 2 months after I owned the car. But after recording some much lower intake and engine temperature results and having about 50+hp on tap, I'll never have it empty again. It works great.

    Honestly, I was torn between an Evo 9 and this car. Raced one not long ago with a TBE and strong tune on the stock turbo and he kept up real well with me. It's amazing what the stock turbo on the 9's can do.
  22. this. like the overall look but think it would be better if you could balance it. the only problem is that you may end up with an incredibly low car.
  23. very well done!

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