Some pics of the Lamborghini Miura

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  1. Get a Miura gathering on 2006 Goodwood:
  2. Again, great pics. Keep on the good work <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  3. My Photos from Goodwood.
  4. I have pics like those. It was great to see so many of them lined up.

  5. feel free to share them with the less afortunate, like me, that weren't able to go to Goodwood <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  6. what's the story behind that weird wing and strange bodywork?
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    here :

    "Lamborghini Miura Jota Spider

    Only one original Miura Spider was ever built, later converted to the ILZRO Zn-75 by Bertone, but several closed Miura's were customized into Spider replica's. Today, bodyshops all over the world still destroy the original lines of a Miura and present you with a spider-version, but probably the best known spider replica is this Jota-Spider. It was built by Lambo-Motors AG, Basel, Switzerland, on a 1971 Miura chassis, nr. 4808, this car was in fact the original Geneva Motor Show car, when it was displayed in March 1971 it was finished in the well known orange.
    This specific conversion took over two years to finish, but on the 1980 Geneva Auto Show, the Jota Spider was on display on the Lamborghini stand, where it was actually for sale.
    The roof was naturally removed, but unlike on the real Spider, a removable hard top was built for it. The bodywork was also modified, to Jota specifications and together with the reworked suspension, which lowered the body about 40 mm, and the use of very wide rims and low profile tires at the rear, this Jota Spider looked very aggressive.
    At first the car didn't have a rear spoiler installed, but later a big rear wing was mounted, completely integrated into the rear of the Miura.
    Today, practically no Miura is converted into a Spider replica anymore, it only reduces the real value of the car, and if you really want to drive an open-top Lamborghini, you can always buy a Jalpa, or a rarer Silhouette."

    see also :
  8. i use to have lots of Miura pics, heres a cool one.
  9. feel free to share them
  10. rocka, thanks for the link. thats one of the most ill cabriolet cars ive ever seen.
  11. At the Geneva Motor Show of 1981, the rebirth of Lamborghini under the new direction of Patrick Mimran is spectacular: the Sant'Agata manufacturer displays several new models on its stand: the last version of the Countach, the all-wheel drive LM02, the new Jalpa ... and a spectacular Miura Spider, obviously the swan's song of the Miura breed...

    Directly inspired by the five SVJ built on commission by the factory in the 70s, after the destruction of the Jota, this open Miura SVJ, commissioned by the Swiss Importer, generated wild rumors and hopes : will this Spider version publicly presented in Geneva, ever enter into production ?...This "one-off" Miura Spider is now the property of Autodrome and is for more about its history here.

    As a matter of fact, this spectacular prototype remained the only Miura Spider ever presented by Lamborghini. It has been invited to be displayed at the Cartier Syle et Luxe Concours in Goodwood, in the special "Miura Class" including - shown together for the first time in History - all existing versions of the legendary model created by Ferruccio Lamborghini: Miura, S, SV, SVJ, SVJ Spider. In complement, the Lamborghini factory presented its "Miura Concept" non-functional show-car seen at the Detroit 2005 Show, along with the perfect modern replica of the Jota.

    This Lamborghini was shown for the first time in an International Motor Show since the 1981 Geneva Motor Show, when Lamborghini presented this outstanding car for the first time. Side by side, Autodrome presented a Ferrari Daytona 1970 in a rare original condition with only 63000 kilometers.
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  15. It belonged to the sjah (or however you write it)?
  16. Yes it belonged to shah
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  18. i am still alive, and this thread smust be also alive.

    Sticky please.
  19. nice shots, jj! Haven't seen you in a while, good to see you back and doing your lambo thing again.

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