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Discussion in '1984 Nissan 300ZX' started by supraty, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. hey guys ...just want ur thinking about buyin one of these soon....just wanna know what to look out do thses cars hold up on high milege and stuff....anything u could tell me would be great...thanx
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    k thanks man.....i live up in canada and i found a couple between 12 and 15 thousand bucks up here...they seem to be good deals....they have like 170,000+ kilometers on them so i don tknow if its worth buyin...i dont want to have to pay for lots of repairs....also how does the car handle cold weather....i dont think ill be driving it much in the winter but.....ya and whats the performance like ...ive never driven one...on the na model...does it haul some serious ass...
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    The Z cars are good, i have just sold a 260Z, and i took it down to my unlces shop to make sure it's still in good condition before I sold it. He couldn't find much wrong with it, that's a 1976 car, which goes to prove if you take care of your Z cars, they will last.

    Going with a 300ZX is a good idea, but unless if it's the only car in your household, DO NOT get a 2+2, unless you can't help it. sitting in the back is one of the worst things i have experienced, if you're too young you can't see out of it i'f you're too old it's hard to fit in it.
    The car's great, standard or TT, but the TT packs more punch when it comes to straight line performance, as you'd expect. Take a standard oen for a test drive too, they still might be good enough for what you want
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    I just bought a 90 300zx w/ 55K and it is truely the overall best car i've owned. The car handles amazingly on the dry pavement, but don't ever consider driving it in the mist of winter. The rear wheel drive makes it an excellent performance car in the summer and the worst in the snow. If you are still considering a 300zx, might want to try and get yourself a 92 thru 96. There was some modifications done on the car. Although the 90 is a well built car as well.
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    i need sum help gona get a 1992 Z32TT real soon..will add big intercooler,dual intake,700-800cc injectors,ECU,full exhaust from turbo,BOV,performance spark plug and a boost controller...after all these mod,can i boost it up to 17psi? or i need to add more stuff to be able to boost it up to 17psi? thanx
  6. n/a 300zx is slow and heavy, my sister has an MT one & it is very slow, only thing I like
    is the dash / seating arrangement & exterior looks.

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