Some resent photos

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by speedracer04, May 17, 2009.

  1. i don't post much at all so here are a few random photos i took recently.

    Edit, i wish i could fix the topic, owell
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  3. my car in front of the noble (not my photo)
  4. that's just great
  5. That black and white that a Wanderer by chance?
  6. I don't resent photos.
  7. you could
  8. Nice pics !

    I like your avatar too :D where did find this ?
  9. most over used place ever.

    Im not sure, someone on this forum. i will try and find it but it was from my laptop that i killed with tea :/
  10. Don't bother it is my picture ^^
  11. Nice! i really like and some of the others that you had posted with it.

    I could not find them on my new computer but i pulled most of my photos of my laptop after it stopped working so i should still have it.
  12. i got to drive around the Genesis for the day, i will post more photos and stuff later once i edit them.

    PS i really liked the car

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