some SIK trucks

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  2. some SIK trucks (link)

  3. Nice.. never really looked at those much.
  4. ricer bigrigs?
  5. Damn, those are some good looking rigs.
  6. What the #$%#, what does that mean?
  7. the big exhaust pipes, the chromes all around, the lights all around, the flashy paint job
  8. I'll break it down for ya, that's actually normal stuff for the big-rig world:

    Big exhaust pipes: These trucks can have diesel engines upwards of 15 liters or more of displacement. They really can use the better flow of something like dual 6-inch or 8-inch diameter exhaust stacks. Not to mention symetrically, dual pipes look better than one.

    Chrome: That's normal big-rig stuff. Especally on the models whose styling has either been the same for some time, or is intended to mimic older models. Chrome = cool in the 18-wheeler area.

    Lights: Believe it or not, the lights are really there for a purpose. Most of them are so other smaller vehicles on the road can see the whole truck (tractor and trailer) at night. Some are just for show, true.

    Flashy paint job: OK, that item transceneds all forms of custom vehicles.

    A ricer isn't one who dresses up the outside of the vehicle for shows and to look cool. A ricer is someone who generally drives a compact car, and thinks parts do more than they really do, or pretends that it's ultra fast when it isn't.

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