some stats are wrong

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  1. 1st of all, i dont know if sc is giving info on the euro or american version. but as 4 the american version, it has 493hp. runs 0-60 in 4.39 and does the quarter in 12.55. its in a comparo with the volante, 360 spider, and z8 in the new motor trend. it burned them all performance wise
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    European version has 500bhp.
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    After finding out that the E-55AMG with 476bhp quicker than the SL55 during testing, Mercedes upped the output of the SL55 to 500bhp so that the E-55 won't be quicker that the flagship. Those 476bhp ones already delievered will get the upgrade by Mercedes.
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    And the top speed is really 186mph if you get the chip delete option that Mercedes provides.
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    Yah, but 186mph is still a limited speed. It's true potential is 325km/h/202mph. It's tested with in Auto motor and sport.
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    325km/h.. wow..

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