Some things started growing in my tank...

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  1. I am not sure what they are. They appear to have sprouted up over night. About 1" tall, and flat. Kind of paddle shaped. There's about a dozen of them in this back corner growing out of the sand.

    I have another forum trying to help me ID them. But if for some reason, someone on here has any idea.... please let me know.
  2. salt water tank or fresh water tank?
  3. Saltwater reef.
  4. some sort of cone shaped coral?
  5. You are not helping.

    edit: thanks for trying though. But I need like, at least a phylum or something. Some sort of nomenclature so I can at least start digging through my books.
  6. corals would be nicey
  7. well what type of plant life/coral have you had in the tank?
  8. I ordered 50lbs of live, uncured rock from an area near Fiji, called Kadavu. The rocks are taken from the shoreside farm, rinsed briefly, boxed, and overnighted to my house. There is gonna be all sorts of stuff showing up soon, looks like starting right about now.

    In short, there are no corals (that I have intentionally added to the system) yet. I will add more later, once the chemistry is cycled and stabilized. But as of right now, I just need to wait and see what will happen.

    The only other life in there right now is 3 crabs, and like 5 snails or something (2 sand sifters, soon to be about 12. and 3 turbo snails).
  9. I'll go take a pic of the setup right now, brb.
  10. Are you also a man whore?
  11. T-virus?

  12. how much boost are you running on those turbo snails?

    killer setup man
  13. I think they push something like a 1/10th psi. So yeah, pretty ballin. I'm gonna put some Mugen stickers on them next week, when the stickers show up. I even got a tiny v-tec sticker for the fastest hermit crab.
  14. According to my niggas over at, well - nobody there is 100% for sure on these either. Although everyone seems excited. We are thinking they are possibly snail egg sacs. If so, that would mean in the next few days, I could end up with like, I dunno, a few hundred snails. If they are indeed egg sacs, those little brown dots in each one are individual eggs.

    This could be either really cool, or really terrible. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. If they are bad snails, I just have to ID them, and buy whatever their natural predator is. Which I am pretty down with. He'd be like Dog: Snail Hunter of Fiji.
  15. Egg sacs or alge is my guess.
  16. Ring time?
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  18. Hmm... interesting. I recommend taking a sterile class of some sort and using it to cover one of them to block current. set up your camera so it cannot move and take a picture. after say an hour or two, take another one and see if the "specs" move. As far as eggs go, snails typically leave squiggly strings and crabs are typically globby. If the specs move, it could be some micro-organizm colony of some sort. If you have a high quality store in your area, talk to them. See if they recognize the pictures. Myself I would check out a sample under a microscope, but most people do not have on nowadays. a good shop could recommend a place or do it themselves. Better to quarantine now, then have to start all over again.

    Edit: it really reminds me of newly hatched spiders...
  19. the sea water aids...

    ill post pics of my shitty tropical setup for laughs
  20. Definitely eggs. I'd wager mollusks. Could be fish as well, but if you're familiar with all of those and their eggs, then I'd definitely go with mollusk eggs.
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    Did some further reading, could actually be the snails, I read that they are often a beginner breeder for marine tanks. But NB may be correct. I found that some mollusc do lay eggs in a sort of fan. My main experience is with fresh water fish, sorry cannot be of more help.

    Try checking out these guys, they can prob help as well.
  22. went out to the kitchen on a munchie run... stopped by the tank. There are at least 3 more sacs shooting out.

    Pics tomorrow if there are more.
  24. man take pics when it hatch but be careful :s

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