Some things started growing in my tank...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Wow.
  2. where are the fish?
  4. Dude, awesome pics.
    No idea what those are..
    Pretty incredible how they just sprung up like that. I guess they were dormant in the rock you bought?
  5. jack off on them and try to make some kind of human snail hybrid
  6. Holy shit, there are like twice as many this morning.
  7. fully hektikk m8

    more pics
  8. That's awesome. Are you going to move your other snails and stuff over to another tank and seal these things off?
  9. No.
  10. They are obviously NOS bottles for your turbo snails.
  11. will this end like the movie Evolution?
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  13. I was looking for a while and that's all I could find. I have no idea what you've got. Do you have a microscope?
  14. I wish I still did. Used to have a decent one that I sold years ago.
  15. This is pretty jokes.
  17. xtrapwer is dead.
  18. If you'd read. I won't be putting in fish for at least a few more weeks.

    Actually, I may put in a couple damsels this weekend. Although they would 'probably' die. The water chemistry is not totally sound yet.
  19. this shit will grow out of control and wont stop until it takes out all of north america. i hope you're happy
  20. I love damsels! My sole experience with them was in a lagoon in mexico. My uncle told me they were extremely territorial and to expect to be bitten if you touch their rock. Of course I touched the rocks and the would swim right up and nip you. Their mouths are too small to get a good chunk so it feels like a rubber band snap. orsm.
  21. if any ghetto trashcan damsl fish bite me it would receive a backfire
  23. if you put pepsi in a fishtank will the fish drink it?
  24. I #$%#ing hate your avatar. #$%# your avatar, man.

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