Some vids i took at Mosport.

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    Heyyy i'm going to mosport tomorow so to get me all pumped up, for the car portion atleast, thought i through down some vids i took, hope you enjoy!

    Castrol touring cars, Subbies, civics, type rs, genesis, etc

    ALMS 2010

    Speed world Challenge 2009

    Sundown GP practice, an old BMW and a C6 up the backstretch 2008

    ALMS 2010 Morning warm up on the backstretch

    Speed gt 2008 with the DBRS9

    sundown GP in the wet, a miata and a very very loud 350Z
  2. I'll be there this weekend, watching races and hopefully on the kart track if it's open
  3. I love Mosport, the track layout is awesome.
  4. It boggles my mind that World Challenge can be a headlining series at events. Love the series, but it's minuscule compared to the ALMS/Grand Am.
  5. yea no kidding, it was actully a very good event, weather was perfect, very little rain and it was freaking hot on the saturday. im very please with the world challenge now, thats the biggest line up of cars ive seen with the, and it was amazing racing, vids and pics will be up soon!

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