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  1. Can you say V8 swap candidate?
  2. Very nice, but too much work for my tastes, someone else buy it, fix it up and then I'd buy it.
  3. The engine needs significant work at 88K miles? Typical rotary.
  4. Too much work?
    Half time spent on engine, the other half on brakes?
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    YOu know, if you actually bught something like this, then spent the time to Do the work, you'd actualy know something about cars.

    That car wouldn't take hardly any waork at ALL to bring back.

    Here's the last one I did, and I didn't think IT took much work:
  6. cool fiat. my cousin is restoring one, we were at bruces parts bin about a month ago.
  8. You guys get craigslist too? I thought it wa bay area only.
  9. you are stupid
  10. Yah I know your mom is stupid...but she's great in bed...OHH YAAA!!!!!!!
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    If I spent the time and the money to fix this car up, I'd have to sell it again in order to keep my house, I haven't the time or the money to do the extensive repairs to the engine. And, I wouldn't learn much about how the car works and performs in the process, I'd know how to repair it and other cars like it in the future, but that wouldn't be likely to happen, so, I would rather spend the money buying a fixed up one than spending more money and time actually fixing it myself. If I had the money and the time, and the proper tools to do such a project, I would.
  12. It's an RX-7 you n00b.
  13. He wasn't talking about the RX-7, you noob. He was talking about the Fiat that Chris V rebuilt, dumbass.
  14. After your retarded drawing and inability to understand how IRS works off road you really can't call anyone dumbass you evolutionary failure.

    Pic 1 is your drawing
    Pic 2 is the REALITY of IRS off road
    And if I had one Pic 3 would simpy say OWNED because you are.
  15. Aren't you the one who said I was from australia? You're one to talk.
  16. People from Australia are retarded. You act like a retard so naturally it was assumed you came from Australia. Frankly nobody cares where you from or what you say because you're an idiot.
  17. That doesn't change the fact that you are not intelligent enough to check that what you're saying is true, and I'm not an idiot.
  18. i want it. those would be the last colors id choose however.

    i have plans to pick up an RX7 not unlike that one come spring/summer
  19. What the hell does that have to do with the fact you're too damn stupid to read this entire thread? There you go, changing the subject again. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  20. man you really are a dumba$$
  21. You can select your living area.
  22. Actually, you are.
  23. Is this in your totally unbiased, expert opinion?

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