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  1. And that's why you always leave a note.
  2. Thats called justice in israel
  3. You used to drive a Ford Taurus. What would you know about cars? Oh...wait.
  4. well played
  5. Wait so they do this shit on purpose or something?
  6. I think they think it's a sport.
  8. So wrecking your car on public roads is fun? Ok arabs.
  9. I blame Israel.
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  11. Lol what is
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    Woman driving?
  13. are you excited for the movie and the new season
  14. h*ck yeah

    and maybe a Community movie too omg
  15. israelis wreck people on public roads for fun..
  16. It's great that two #$%#ing people "got" my posts. I'm giving you people comedy gold, you #$%#ing ingrates.
  17. lol sorry dont watch TV
  18. My brother used that photo of the lady with the headset when he signed up to troll me years ago. Good times.
  21. Serves them right for driving like inconsiderate morons.
  22. Didn't even use his turn signal crossing all those lanes. Inconsiderate assholes
  23. arabs blow people who are not muslim for fun, so what's your point???
  24. Sounds like theyre awesome, get blowed then prob hit up that ski park in dubai and do some snowboarding

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