Someone needs to talk about the MX5 RF

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  1. hnnnnnng just look at it

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  2. I like the 599-esque flying buttresses

    More info plz
  3. Oooohhhhfff
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    Autocar have been posting some shocking mobile phone videos of motorshows recently. Their Geneva coverage was terrible.

    This just popped into my subs feed, however.

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    Autocar's been dead to me for years.

    The Verge have a decent video on it...


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  7. I wonder what the weight penalty is? iirc the NC hard top was only something like 35kg more.
  8. Ah they're more like XJS buttresses
  9. I saw 200 lb (90kg) somewhere, can't confirm that at all though.
  10. Am in love with this, any word (or guess) on what kind of premium this'll add to the sticker? Mazdaspeed variant of this would be incredible.
  11. I like it. alot. though I think I'd like the fiat front end on it
  12. That's a huge penalty. Almost 10%!
  13. I read like $5k aud so like $4k usd?

    Pretty much the perfect mx5.
  14. Yeah it is. Though it still weighs over 50lbs less than a NC roadster. I frickin want one. This and a GT350.
  15. Not too bad.
  16. Okay yeah I keep watching that video of the roof mechanism. I'm a sucker for a good folding action.

    Mk2 Volvo C70, 991 Targa, and now this are my favourites, I think.

    Much want.
  17. Mixed feelings. I really like targa cars and like the idea of a targa Miata but I think the roadster design suits it better. Got to see more pictures
  18. I really like this. Though I still would love to see a 250hp version. Watch this little rocket devour mustangs
  19. I'm not quite sure about the tail lights. But overall, I think the MX-5 looks great especially the new MX-5 RF.
  20. I'd like it more If the rear window followed the slope of the back.
  21. Great car, but why does Mazda never make a high performance version.... They should borrow that 2.0 EcoBoost from ford, and wedge it in this thing....
  22. Wrong engine, the 5.0 from the Mustang GT, now that would be perfect.
  23. That rear is worthy of a high dollar sports car. Very nice.
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