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  1. First off, I have no idea if any of this is actually true, no link to any evidence or anything. If you want to do the research and prove all this crap wrong go for it, I'm too damn lazy.

    The Following are FACTS

    1. In order to shoot 2 to 3 shots with both guns in the hand accurately, the person must be a professional (Colombine incident included 2 people,3guns,900 shots=13 deaths)

    CSH(Cho Seung Hee) was never trained in the army.
    If you have shot a gun before, you would know it is hard to fire a pistol so accurately, in so quick time.

    CSH had only bought the guns a month before the shooting. How is it possible for him to shoot so good?

    2. Emily, reported to be his girlfriend, is actually not his girlfriend.

    3. Emily was not related with CSH in any way, but he went to her dormitory and shot it up.

    4. CSH's body had 2 shots in the chest, 1 in the head.
    There are 3 common ways of suicidal with gun:
    1)shooting from the side of the head
    2)shooting throught your mouth
    3)Shooting from under your head

    The usual suicidal would usually have shots in the sideof the head or the face. CSH, however, had a bullet stuck in the back of his head

    Most people who were fired at, got 3 shots. CSH, also was found with 3 shots in his body

    There was once a scientific experiment for the Korean army incident- It explained that it is extremely hard to shoot yourself multiple times after being shot in the chest or the head. Again, CSH had 1 shot in the head, 2 shots in the chest.

    Why was he shot 3 times, just like the others? Does it make sense that he was shot in such a way?

    5. There was no witness to the sucidal scene- The survivors in the scene had ran out of the classroom (someone said the killer's eyes were not Asian but these kinds of sayings were ignored).

    What's the truth?

    6. Nobody saw CSH's face.

    7. The witness's say CSH was an asian with a mask on, and was about 6 ft tall and big.

    8. The gun vender described CSH as an Asian. period.
    There was no films of CCTV, and no other evidence.

    9. The vender said he had sold 50 bullets to CSH.
    There were 62 deaths and injuries.
    There was no one who died was shot less than 3 times
    (32 deaths x 3 shots/death....30 injuries x 2 shots/injury...60 extra bullets)

    Calculated, CSH must have had more than 200 shots to make this incident true.

    10. The killer had erased the code on the gun. The reciept for the purchase of the gun was found in the killer's bag. What's the possibility of the killer keeping the receipt for the gun after a month?
    If anyone would take effort and time to erase the code on the gun, wouldn't they be careful enough to get rid of the receipt?(It's not easy to erase the code. It takes few seconds to get rid of the receipt)

    11. The witnessess say the killer did not wear, nor carry any bags. CSH did have a bag.

    12. Obviously, the video he had sent, was not made by himself. Even the New York Times pointed this out.

    13. According to the Police, the gun at the incident was automatic. Watch the videos and hear the sounds- It's all fired with single shot guns.

    Think about it. There are about 10-15 rounds in a pistol, and there were 32 deaths, with 3 shots in each. With both pistols in both hands, it is impossible to reload. Watch the video, shots are constantly fired.

    14. CSH had no friends at all, according to the student. Before few days of the incident, he was with 3 Americans. Who were they?

    15. In the news, CSH had done this for the hate of the rich people. If this is true, he could have simply shot the classrooms. There was no reason for him to go to the dormitories and kill 2 people, who were not in any relation with CSH.

    And why did CSH, after the first shootings, make the video, walk around the school to send it, and then go to the 2nd shootings?

    16. When CSH's body was found. His ID was PRESENT. Why was his identity reported later on?

    17. The Witness' sayings are not matching correctly. Some say they have not heard any gunfire in their building, but other say they heard it from that building.

    18. The photos which were sent to NBC does not match CSH's face.
    Observing the eyebrows, eyes, and the face shape, it is different. Some say it's because he has his glasses off. Look again, it does not match CSH.

    19. CSH's body was found with the 28 dead bodies in the classroom. The only survivor said, the killer had ran away after killing the 28 people, but CSH was found dead with the other dead bodies

    20. The classroom, dormitory, hallways, school gate, the gunshop.
    The films of the CCTV were NOT exposed to the public. WHY?

    So What's wrong with the reports/news?

    -2 guns/amature, yet many students died and many were injured as a professional shooter would have done it
    -According to the witness, CSH had apparently left the classroom
    -CSH was found dead in the classroom
    -The gun code was erased
    -The receipt for the gun was found in the bag

    These are the theories made about this

    -CSH had bought the guns for someone else?
    -The killer knew CSH did not have a positive social life
    -The killer decided to use CSH
    -The killer had planned this out to keep himself covered

    One last thing,
    The timing is not logical

    CSH took 2 hours to get to the 2nd shooting after the 1st.
    In 2 hours, it is impossible to film, edit the video, get to the post office and have it in the receiver's inbox.

    So the video was made before the incident, with the Killer?
  2. sounds like some 23 year old living in his mother's basement was inspired by the makers of loose change and decided to spew his bullshit onto the internet.
  3. its.... terrorism
  4. Have you considered the possibility that the guy was insane? He might very well have been off his nut. Considering what he did, it's very likely.

    And about the two shots to the chest, you'd be surprised what it takes to kill a person.
  5. riiiiiiiiiiight.
  6. That's pretty weak, even for a consipracy theorist.
  7. This thread is going to balloon out of control with mindless banter. I'll start things off.
  8. True, but if you were gonna commit suicide, why would you shoot yourself not once but twice in the chest, and then in the head? And a lot of the other points in there are a little bit odd. I'm not really defending this, I'm just curious to see how much of it has some truth behind it.
  9. What is the purpose of this? Your points are a few things that are true mixed with a bunch of stuff that isn't. This is typical of the kind of BS stuff that floods people's mailboxes after such an event.

    #1 He has to be a professional? A professional what? The Walther 22 has virtually no recoil. The Glock 19 has extremely low recoil. He fired lots of shots at extremely close range. It's not that difficult to hit such close targets with such a huge volume of ammunition. The Columbine killers carried a shotgun and a significantly less accurate Tec-9 & Hi-Point carbine. Neither of these weapons are as accurate as the Glock.

    #4 the most common way of suicide with a firearm is the head or the chest. A surprising number of people choose to shoot them through the heart or close to it.

    #5 the statement that there are no witnesses is also false. One student who was wounded and faking dead saw the gunman kill himself.

    #9 The gun dealer said he sold the guy 50 bullets to go with his Glock. His Glock was a 9mm. Most range ammunition comes in boxes of 50. It's like $16 for 50 rounds. His 2nd gun was a .22LR. You can buy 500 rounds of .22LR for around $16. He obviously had ammunition for his 2nd weapon and clearly didn't get it from this dealer.

    #13 The MEDIA reported it as an automatic. Liberal fear mongers eat that stuff up. Automatic does NOT mean a machine gun it means AUTO LOADING. Neither the Glock 19 nor the Walther 22 the killer was armed with can fire as a machine gun.

    #13 pt 2. The Glock 19 can accept a 10, 18, & 33 round magazines. There was obviously a break in firing to reload and countless witnesses heard him changing the magazines to his weapons in the hall.

    Basically this entire list in bullshit and put together by someone who doesn't have the slighest understanding of firearms.
  10. Bingo.
  11. Because real life isn't a video game and it can take more than one bullet to kill someone?

    In 1985 the SAS breached an aircraft shooting a female terrorist over a dozen times with a 9mm MP5 and she still managed to fight back.

    9mm is not known for it's 1 shot 1 kill stopping power.

    Hell there have been cases of people who shot themselves in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun and lived on for a good while..... without a face.
  12. didn't the police shoot at him? after taking shots to the chest maybe he did the one to the head? I dont know too much about it though
  13. Glock 18 (not legal in US) with 33 round magazine.

    Hard to beleive that the expert that wrote that e-mail didn't know the 33 rounder exists and can be had from ebay. Ebay the place where the gunman got his extra magazines
  14. blah, blah, blah, blah, more conspiracy bullshit. Dunno which is crazier, this or all the 9/11 conspiracies.
  15. horee shit!
  16. The mafia did it, to cover up an assasination!
  17. Heh thanks Spyder, I figured someone would be able to explain most of them. I had a feeling it was bullshit, but I wanted to hear some actual proof.
  18. Sounds like Liberal bullshit to me.
  19. haha it's the South Koreans!
  20. I haven't even read that much about the VT incident and even I have heard plenty of facts that contradict what this guy is saying.

    For example, somebody came out as saying that they were in the room when Cho shot himself.

    And of course his identity wouldn't be revealed immediately. After the incident is over, they're simply trying to figure out what happened, not report everything to the media as quickly as possible.

    This guy thinks that after a week and a half, they're going to release the videotapes? Columbine was eight years ago, and they haven't released SHIT.

    This guy is in high school and wants attention. He probably even thinks he's smart for coming up with such observations. Nothing more.
  21. And they found bodies in four different classrooms and a stairwell. This guy claims they found the dead bodies in one classroom.

    I can't tell anymore if this is a joke. Pretty much everything he said is completely wrong, and it's not like you'd have to research anything to find out. I'm pretty sure like 75% of the population could refute at least half of those points with just the knowledge they gained watching TV in the 48 hours following the event.
  22. Oh God.. I read the first few.
    Is this another idiot saying it was a conspiracy?
  23. Orange F1LM sorta conspiracy. no, actually now that i think about it, it's more of a S15_GTR conspiracy theory. becuse it's totally crap.

    I wont go into the details cuz it looks like Spyder et. al. summed it up pretty well. One side note, if anyone can answer it- i remember my roommate last week coming into my room to tell me that he'd heard one of the guns had a burst mode of a few bullets. was he just hearing some errant reporting or something? ive never really paid any attention to either of the handguns he reportedly used in the attack last week.
  24. Why do I have a horrible feeling I'm about to get this emailed to me once a day for the rest of the year? People need to quit.
  25. I would be ok with the person that wrote this being killed.

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