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    I've had this song in my library for about a year now. It came without any tags, no title, or anything.

    And I need to know what it's called, dammit. I tried listening closely and writing down the few words I could make out, but my 3rd-year-Spanish levels are t3h suck.

    Here, I've hosted it. Anyone who figures it out the lyrics or who its buy gets a major +1.
  2. shit, didnt mean to make a poll. #$%#jadfh
  3. yo vivo por el dinero, solamente por el dinero etc..

    Its about money ..drugs traffic ...
  4. What else is rap about?

    It's universal. I didn't even have to understand spanish to tell you what it's about.

    And spanish is probably the best language to rap in.
  5. I can't quite tell if it's California or Mexican spanish.
  6. awesome. i had that part. but i can't figure out the complete lyrics/who its by. this is killing me.
  7. Some fellow named Senor Gato?
  8. aha, no unfortunately. that was just me tagging the artist with a random name in utter desperation. #$%#.
  9. I think that as amenasce said, the title is vivo por el dinero or something like that. I don't know who are the singers.
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  13. I could've sworn it was. So then I guess it IS Spanish. I've never really listened to it TOO closely and always assumed it was Portuguese as the dude who sings it is Portuguese (the vast majority of his songs are in English) and he's covered tropicalia before.
  14. Most people who speak portugese as their native language speak spanish as well. At least, those that I've met.
  15. Yeah, I imagine that's fairly typical. I should've been able to pick up the fact that it's Spanish though... I took two years of it and I'm around it constantly.
  16. Probably some unknown mexican rapper, cause I couldn't find anything on google. Yes, that's mexican.
  17. Therefore hilarious.
  18. Its very different, you can pick it up quite easily even if not paying atention. Spanish IMO is a much more melodical language
  19. Its a an amalgam "Portuñol", its a great way to fail at both languages at once. Its bloody hilarious, just ask naranhito.
  20. Californian, actually.
  21. What's Californian, you idiot?
  22. "I'm from the barrio ese, we kill your ass vato." definetely not the case in this song.
  23. A dialect of spanish peculiar to the U.S. It's very similar to mexican, but it's got some english mixed in. I'm no expert, but I'd say those guys are speaking california spanish.
  24. That's Chicano
  25. Whatever. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>

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