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  1. I recently heard that the owners of '03 cobras complain that they're not efficient with power. I heard that the blower creates ALOT of heat, and the iron block also absorbs heat, so the bad mix made the new cobras less efficient. It's just something I heard about.
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    You must have heard wrong then.
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    yeah i think u heard wrong
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    There has been a rumor going around that the new cobras actually make around 450 hp and have been underrated for some reason... have any of you heard of that?
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    That is not right at all. The 2003 cobra is making 360rwhp, which is something like 425hp at the crank, thats a lot more that what ford is saying it makes.
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  8. snow snow nsow nosw

    uihhhh i dont think Ford ever said why it halted production but man are the rumors flying here. I have only heard and seen 03s dyno higher than expected so power cant be the issue.

    As far as the iron block goes. Sure it stays hotter longer and aluminum would be preferred but Ford was probably trying to save money. I tend to believe the RUMOR that ford went iron for financial reasons, not because it was stronger. mY 03 DEFIENTELY Ran much better in the 50 degree temps in the fall than it did in the 90 degree summer heat. That goes for any car but the 03 seems to be effected by the heat and humidity more than my former 01gt

    I saw the dyno on the sonic bllue 03 that was at Crazyhorse Racing and featured in Muscle Mustang and Fast FOrds. I saw the dyno at the shop on the computer and it was the 380 or what ever said in the article cant remember off hand. The HP rating is underrated.

    I saw that same sonic blue run at Englishtwown that same weekend and met Evan Smith who let me sit in it. Only complaint he had abouit the car was the shifter position.

    Only complaint Chris WInters at Crazyhorse had was that there still was some wheel hop.

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    But false...Like I said before (and rustangs even knows now) the 2003 cobra is underrated. They stopped production because of heat from the sc, they just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to hurt the block.
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    Like you said but have not proved.....
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    I know...but it wasn't haulted because of the hp rating.

    "The issues with the 2003 Mustang Cobra, which produces 390 horsepower, are not related to horsepower."

    Like I said, it was due to the heat the supercharger was making. They wanted to make sure it didn't hurt the block in anyway.

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