Something worth cooking. For BACON fans ONLY

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. i fancy myself a bacon connoisseur
  2. I like bacon and all, but...
  3. I want this.
  4. youre a #$%#ing bastard
  5. feels like it*

    feels good man
  6. I already suggested that! Steal my thunder, will ya.
  8. let's make bacon/sausage wellington together and get drunk and #$%#
  9. Oh man I just realized Bateman is making that face at the pig his girlfriend is holding. How appropriate.
  10. I did the bacon weave thing and cheese a while back
  11. Dear God, I must have this.
  12. american sushi lolol
  14. This is why American is t3h best.
  15. have a holly jolly christmas
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  17. i dont like bacon, but i would give that a go lol
  18. body asplosion after eating that
  20. yesyes they call it the wheelman allready... muslicious
  21. I like this bikes... flamesuite on
  22. If I had money I would visit you.
  23. Well if I ever felt the need to kill myself, eating that would be high up on my list of methods.
  24. That looks almost as delicious as drinking leftover frying oil from a fast food joint.

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